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Five Important Scrum Meetings You Should Know

Important 5 Scrum Meetings THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW So your development team is using the Scrum Approach. The main structure of the Scrum Development revolves around these five essential meetings: What Is Scrum Development? Scrum Development is an approach that divides a project into a smaller set of tasks that can be completed on Development ensures that the project is moving their own or Sprints. Scrum smoothly and accordingly, based on the client's goals and needs through constant reassessments at the end of each sprint. The Different Meetings in Scrum Development SCRUM DEVELOPMENT REVOLVES AROUND THESE FIVE ESSENTIAL MEETINGS: Backlog Refinement Meeting This meeting is held on the first day of ilthn each sprint. The backlog refinement meeting allows the whole team to look at the task at hand and see which tasks are done, which ones need more time and which ones are left behind. Sprint Planning Meeting This meeting is for discussing what the team will be building and why are they building it. The sprint planning meeting is where tasks are divided for each team to work on. Daily Scrum Meetings This meeting is the team's way of updating each member on their progress.Answers the questions, what was done, what's not yet done, and what problems were encountered. Sprint Review This meeting is when the team presents the product that they have so far to the clients. This shows that the team is really working on the project, and it also makes sure that the completed items align with the client's goal. Sprint Retrospective This meeting is held immediately after the sprint review meeting. The sprint retrospective meeting is all about collaborative feedback. The team takes time to look at their achievements and holdups. They reevaluate their process, looking at what is working and what isn't working. Scrum Development is an organised approach to app development. This approach makes it possible for developers to produce output close to the client's goals through thorough discussions and all the meetings involved in the process.

Five Important Scrum Meetings You Should Know

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Scrum is a software product development strategy that divides a project into a smaller set of tasks that can be completed on their own or Sprints. It is an approach chosen by various application and s...


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