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Find out how to secure your WIFI Network

Imagine you see the following headline trending: Thieves hack into @yourcompany store network: 1000s of credit cards stolen. Steps to Secure wifi Networks. Your Let's face it, nobody wants a security breach on their But here is what a recent study shows: Wi-Fi 24 of enterprises had rogue access points in their environments. Insecure Wi-Fi is the easiest way for people to access your home network, leech your internet, and cause you serious headaches with more malicious behavior. 2 out of 4 enterprises continue to deploy unsecured or misconfigured access points. Read on as we show you how to secure 63% of enterprises were exposed to vulnerable clients such as wireless POS, smartphones, and laptops. your home Wi-Fi network. 1.Securing Your Wi-Fi Network Update Your Router and Upgrade to Third Party Firmware If Possible. 2. Change Your Router's Password: Enter Network Password Every router ships with a default login/password combination. The exact combination varies from model to model but it's easy enough to look up the default that leaving it unchanged is just asking for trouble. Please type your user name and password. Site: Realm Linksys WRT55AG User Name Password O Save this password in your password list OK Cancel 3. Upgrade Your Network Encryption Don't the mistake of selecting WEP encryption, however, which is the lowest encryption on the Wi-Fi encryption totem pole. 4. Changing/Hiding Your SSID Your router shipped with a default SSID; usually something simple like "Wireless" or the brand name like “Netgear". There's nothing wrong with leaving it set as the default. If you live in a densely populated area. However, it would make sense to change it to something different in order to distinguished it from the 8 "Linksys" SSIDS you see from your apartment. 5.Filter Network Access by MAC Address: One of the easiest ways to check the MAC addresses of your devices, besides simply reading the label on them, is to check out the MAC list on your router after you’ve upgraded your encryption and logged all your devices back in. Clients Web Filter Internet Find Out More Wifi Security Tips at:

Find out how to secure your WIFI Network

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known wifi password ( Do you want to know how to secure your wifi? Follow our tutorial and you will get a lot of tips on how to secure wifi on every windows version. Get ready...


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