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Fact vs. Fiction

00 0 101001000 00010 0010100 Each year the Business Software 00500 FACT VS FICTION Alliance (BSA) releases a report on global software piracy. While this certainly is a growing cause of 000000 concern, it is important to note that op oO many industry experts find BSA's 10101 The Impact of Software Piracy research methodologies to be misleading. We have summarized o0 000 those reasons below based on 11000 information found at 00000 000 Amount of Pirated 0010111O Software 000100 1 1111 001 001111 12100030 Percentage of all software used on PCs found to be pirated according to a study conducted by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) D00000 500001 000 38% 41% 43% 42% 00102 101000 2007 2008 2009 2010 The BSA defines the "commercial Monetary Losses & Piracy Rates value" of pirated software as the value of unlicensed software installed 0 0 in a given year, as if it had been sold The total monetary value "losses" of unlicensed software to piracy in the market. Amount in $US Billions This is an invalid statistic, as the 2008 50.2 leading reason for pirating software is financial burden. According to 2009 151.4 100, 158.8 2010 D00 The commercial value of software "The very reason that people pirate piracy grew 14% globally last year to a record total of $58.8, according to the 2010 BSA Global Software Piracy Study. software in developing countries - the main focus of the BSA report - is that they cannot afford Western-level o 0 HIGHEST PIRACY RATES prices. So there is no way that L01 pirated software could ever be converted to sales at those prices - it D00 Georgia Zimbabwe Bangladesh Armenia is economically impossible." 000 93% 91% 90% 89% LOWEST PIRACY RATES New Zealand U.S. Japan Luxembourg 22% 20% 20% 20% 00010000010 100 Threats of Identity Theft 500001 100 0 0 110 10 0OD00 0 01GIO100 0 0 1 00 00 00000 Percentage of sites offering pirated 00 0 00 1011000 00000ODO0 software that tried to to infect test 1010000 0 0 0 0 000000O computers with “Trojans," spyware, 00 000 000010 1010101 keyloggers, and other tools of identity theft. 011000 00 0 0 1 000000 00100O1 29% of Websites 1000 0O 100 0 61% of Peer-to-Peer 102 Benefits of Less Simply reducing piracy rates by 10% 100 will not fix the economy, or Software Piracy automatically result in revenue and jobs. recently Reducing the global piracy rate for PC software by 10 percentage points in 2010 would create ở = $10B reported, DOO "One thing that is always omitted in these analyses is the fact that the 101 money not paid for software licenses does not disappear, but is almost certainly spent elsewhere in the economy. As a result, it too creates jobs, local revenues and taxes. $142 Billion in new economic activity by 2013 while adding 1 = 10,000 jobs I10 Eradicating piracy will not generate 'new economic activity globally,' nor will it generate new tax revenues for governments." 500,000 new high-tech jobs and generating = $10B ödm group 11000 $32 Billion in new tax revenues to local D00 000101110 economies.

Fact vs. Fiction

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Illegal piracy accounts for huge profit losses among American corporations. Yes, at times, it certainly would be easier to download a new song, a movie, or even software off the Internet. However, you...


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