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The Evolution of Making Page 1

The Evolution of MAKING PAGE USA Search Engine Marketing Industry Search Engine Market Share 19.3 90 % Value in US dollars (billions) 16.6 80 % | Google Yahoo Msn Bing 14.6 70 % 13.5 12.2 60 % 50 % 9.5 40 % 5.8 30 % 4.1 20% 10% 0% 2002 2004 20005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 TIMELINE S PAGE 1 REQUIREMENTS MAJOR RANKING MOST RELEVANT FACTORS CHANGES AND UPDATES 1994 • Lycos is the first search engine WebCrawler' • Web-Crawler is the first true LYCOS to use a crawler (spider), robot, and begins to index the WebCrawler database, and software is launched entire content of the Web. Lycos is launched interface (to rank results). 1995 altavista AltaVista is launched TITLE OPTIMIZATION FOR ALPHABETICAL YAHOO! LISTING ON DIRECTORIES. ই Yahoo! is launched using a web directory. • Discovery of business models based entirely on organic search. • Search engines are essential directories in alphabetical order. Oinfoseek- Not a full text index. Infoseek is launched 1996 • Dominance of on-page SEO. • Use of simple keyword is very effective. • Keyword density and page location are now important. You can get your site listed in Yahoo by merely submitting it. Inktomi/Hotbot is launched 1997 • Everything is just about putting the right words on the website. • The first software programs to crack search algorithms appear. Ask Speves KEYWORDS Ask / Ask Jeeves ARE KING • "Search Engine Optimization/SEO" terminology first used. is launched Google 1998 d moz • Google is launched. PageRank is born. • Most search engines moves to off-page criteria for their ranking algorithms. DMOZ is launched Google is launched msn. First PPC model is developed. MSN Search is launched Inktomi powers MSN Search Goto is launched 1999 • First Internet Consultant calls himself a SEO. • Previous traditional algorithm decoding techniques are no longer useful. • Directories and rudimentary search algorithms to rank pages rely on easily manipulated meta tags. META TAGS 2000 overture O Overture is launched -formerly Introduces • Many companies begin to pay good Google Toolbar **.............. Begins using Google for search technology. TV money for websites. • Premium domain name market takes off. • Google solidifies its position. sells for $5.1 M 2001 Infoseek, Snap and Magellan disappear. • Off-page SEO era begins. The number of links pointing at MAKING your site matters more than the meta tags and keywords ச AND LINKING YOUR OWN SITES on your pages. • Link farmers create industry-based web directories. • Users abandon other search engines and move to Google. WebCrawler and Excite are reborn. 2002 AdWords • Keyword ranking advancements through article placement. • Leading search engines begin to use more sophisticated technology to weed out spammers and apply penalties. Google releases AdWords -premier paid search platform online- Inkto m i Yahoo! acquires Inktomi 2003 FLORIDA CASSANDRA e Blogger Google acquires Blogger November 2003 April 2003 BUYING LINKS TO RANK HIGH AdSense ESMERELDA BOSTON • Spam becomes a real problem for the engines. June 2003 March 2003 Google releases AdSense • The Florida Update shakes up Supplemental results most industry sectors. DOMINIC appear. • Blogging and WordPress begin their upward journey. May 2003 WORDPRESS WordPress is launched 2004 BRANDY Introduces • Organic Search is dead. • Google is the dominant search engine. February 2004 Google Local. facebook. Facebook is launched • The whole SEO industry AUSTIN Yahoo adopts its own algorithm based on starts to change, as PPC has now established. January 2004 Inktomi. 2005 JAGGER The nofollow tag is created. October 2005 LINKING STRUCTURE Introduces BOURBON personalized search. • Anchor text starts to diminish in importance. May 2005 • Search engines begins to cut down on duplication. • Search engines starts really cracking down on link buying. • Golden age of keyword meta-data ends. ALLEGRA February 2005 2006 PLUTO You Tube August 2006 TITLE TAG Google purchases YouTube BIG DADDY • The .com boom is now over and the industry has settled down. February 2006 twitter Live Search --........... Sitemap protocol is introduced Twitter is launched MSN launchs Live Search 2007 • There is controversy about the use of CSS markup. • Blogging becomes popular and is utilized for SEO. Subdomains are Introduces devaluated. "Universal Search". 2008 cuil Google improves Flash indexing. EXTERNAL LINK POPULARITY CUIL is launched Short life. (2008-2010) 2009 bing CAFFEINE LINKBAIT BECOMES WIDELY USED August 2009 Bing replaces New Canonical tag supported for all three major search engines is introduced. MSN Search • Creating content with the purpose of attracting links using social bookmarking sites, and social media in general is a must. • PageRank Sculpting Era ends and Local Search Era begins. 2010 h QUALITY CONTENT IS STILL KING (OTHER FACTORS ALSO WEIGH) Yahoo uses MSN Bing MAYDAY search technology. May 2010 2011 SEARCH FACTORS SPREAD OUT PANDA AND GET MORE SOPHISTICATED February 2011 +1 Hit content farms. Google +1 is launched -a part of the Google+ Project- Affects 11% US • Google says it takes more than 200 factors into account in its ranking algorithm while Bing claims to use over 1000 signals. Web sites. SEO FACTORS TO TOP RANKING PAGES SEARCH RANKING FACTORS In percentage - 2011 - Page-Level Link Metrics -Domain-Level,Link AuthorityFeatures Page-Level Keyword Usage Page-Level, Keyword Usage Page-Level Social Metrics Domain-Level, Brand Metrics 5% 6% 22% 7% URL FACTORS ON-PAGE FACTORS OFF-PAGE FACTORS SOCIAL FACTORS 7% • Search engine friendly URLS • Keywords in URL • Quality content • Relevance • Easy navigation • Meta tags • Keyword density • Site popularity • Inbound links • Likes • Ratings • Reviews • Followers • Other social media signals 7% 21% from other sites • Site structure • Online press releases • Blogs, RSS Feeds, etc. 11% Page-Level, Keyword-Agnostic Features • Domain age Page-Level Traffic/Query Data Domain-Level, Keyword-Agnostic Features 14% Sources SEJ SEARCH ENGINE JOURNAL Search Engine Journal: internet marketing news for the insiders, by the insiders.

The Evolution of Making Page 1

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As Google, search engines, and search engines evolve so does the process to come up as #1 in a Google search. This infographic takes a look at search engine optimization from 1994 to present and how t...


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