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Everything you need to know about new top level domains

Everything you need to know about the new TOP-LEVEL DOMAINS WHAT IS A TOP-LEVEL DOMAIN? A Generic Top Level Domain (8TLD) is a domain name extension. Ones that are most common and familiar are .com, .net, .org and so on. In October 2013, there 1,930 were roughly 22 gTLDs available. Soon, there will be roughly 1,400 released. total new gTLD applications About 700 of them will be released to the everyone, while the other trademarked ones (such as .nike or .ibm) will not be available to the general public. 1,409 SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? unique applications The right web address for your website/business can become much more 84 customized. These new gTLDs can make it easier to create a web address that is more specific to your industry, brand and/or location. More web addresses can be shorter, making it easier for your customers to recall the URL later on. community applications WHEN WILL THEY BECOME AVAILABLE? 66 The first new gTLDs will be available for registration in early 2014. Each launch geographic applications will be divided into several potential release periods: a Sunrise Period for trademark holders, an optional Landrush Period, and a General Availability Period. AS OF JANUARY 15, 2014 MOST POPULAR TLDS by total number of domains .COM .NET .ORG INFO .BIZ .US 112.3 15.2 10.4 5.8 2.6 1.8 MILLION MILLION MILLION MILLION MILLION MILLION WEB 155,727 2 SHOP 96,897 3 SITE 75,269 .НОTEL 38,963 .NYC 38,916 .MUSIC 31,382 TOP 25 .FILM 23,950 .ECO 21,993 SPORT 21,967 NEW GENERIC TOP LEVEL DOMAINS (8TLDS) 10 „BERLIN 19,907 New TLDS will launch in early 2014 changing the face of the 11 „LONDON 18,851 internet by opening up new opportunities and new domains. This 12 .BLOG 18,750 top 25 new gTLDs list is based on the number of pre-registrations since 2011 done through United Domains (free, non-binding). 13 .FREE 18,301 14 .ONLINE 17,252 15 „APP 16,962 16 .LOVE 16,591 16,342 TOP 10 MOST FOLLOWED TLDS BY 17 .CLUB GODADDY CUSTOMERS 18 VIP 14,612 19 .ONE 14,071 1 .APP 6 INC 20 .RADIO 13,050 2 .WEB 7 .CLUB 21 .MONEY 12,953 3 .SHOP 8 ADS 22 VEGAS 12,077 4 .BLOG 9 .BUSINESS 23 .STORE 11,615 11,613 5 .ONLINE 10 .AGENCY 24 „AFRICA 25 .MED 11,402 New &TLD Program Timeline Initial Evaluation Results Published Extended Evaluation String Contention Resolution Board Addresses First 15 Items of GAC Advice Board Continues to Address GAC Advice (TBD) Registrar Accreditation Agreement Approved Registry Agreement Approved Contracting Pre-Delegation Beta Testing Pre-Delegation Testing Rights Protection Mechanisms Operational Support Mechanisms JUN 2013 JUL 2013 AUG 2013 SEP 2013 OCT 2013 NOV 2013 DEC 2013 JAN 2014 Source: TLD APPLICATIONS BY CATEGORY TOTAL NEW TLD APPLICATIONS 4% 3% COMMUNITY GEOGRAPHIC 1,540,162 1146 6% IDN CONTESTED TLDS Total Pre-Registrations 1,930 12,935 total applications Pre-Registrations this Month (January 2014) 439 1146 34% UNCONTESTED TLDS BRANDS Pre-Registrations Today (January 15, 2014) 53% GENERIC *= IDN: INTERNATIONAL DOMAIN NAMES *= APPLICATIONS CONTAINING IDENTICAL OR CONFUSINGLY SIMILAR TLDS TLDS BY CATEGORY (a partial list) .NOW FUN „YOU INC ADS „BUSINESS .CLUB ONE .LAW FAMILY GENERIC .EXPERT .COMMUNITY BUSINESS DOCTOR .CHURCH .NINJA „AGENCY .FAN „LAWYER HOW PROFESSIONAL .COMPANY LIFESTYLE wow .STUDIO .FAIL „DENTIST .GURU LIFE .CEO „ENGINEER VET .LOVE .NIKE AUTHOR .EVENTS .SONY JEEP .BANK .ESTATE APPLE BRANDS .BROKER .DESIGN „MONEY .LIVESTRONG „AUTO FINANCE .REPUBLICAN .CONSULTING .НОTEL „AMEX „CASH .DEMOCRAT .MCDONALDS .GOP INDUSTRY .LOANS .GUCCI GOVERNMI .GOLD .CAR ACCOUNTANT .NAVY .BIO „AIRFORCE INSURANCE .ARMY .GREEN „APP WEB .REALESTATE .BLOG FORSALE .CLOUD .REALTOR .SHOP .PROPERTIES TECHNOLOGY .STORE FOOTBALL REAL ESTATE .MEDIA .BUY .FREE .SPORTS „TECH .APARTMENTS FITNESS COMMERCE „EMAIL „REALTY TICKETS ONLINE „RENTALS SPORTS .PHOTOGRAPHY .CONDOS .DEALS .GAME „SALE BASEBALL .BLACKFRIDAY TEAM .SOCCER .FOOD HEALTHCARE .CLINIC .BAR EAT .SCHOOL .MED .CAFE HOSPITAL ACADEMY .NYC FOOD DR ATION HEALTH .CITY .MENU TRAINING .DENTAL VEGAS .RESTAURANT EDUCATION .PHARMACY .LONDON .PIZZA GEOGRAPHIC .REHAB .UNIVERSITY .KOSHER .COLLEGE TOWN .MBA WORLD .DEGREE .QUEBEC IRISH SOURCES: |webmechanix SNOWBALLING ROI FOCUSED DIGITAL MARKETING

Everything you need to know about new top level domains

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The first wave of gTLD's went on sale Jan. 26 2014. Find out more about these new domains and what to expect over the next few years.


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