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The Essential Computer Maintenance Checklist

COMPUTER MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST Aol. Hardware Maintenance Before You Start Tools You'll Need 1. Make sure computer is off and unplugged Compressed air Cotton swabs II 2. Cleaning area is large, flat, and clear of clutter Microfiber cloth 3. Ground yourself with anti-static wrist band or other means Cleaning cloth Soft brush 4. Small dish ready for thumb screws L Power Supply Unit What: Converts AC power to DC power for internal components. How-to: Use a soft brush to remove excess dust and debris from built-in fan. When: Every 6-12 months depending on environment. Computer Fan What: Regulates internal computer temperature. How-to: Remove fan from case, use soft brush for large dust and debris, and follow up with compressed air for little particles. When: Every 2-3 months depending on environment. Motherboard What: Central computer circuit board that connects core components. How-to: Use compressed air to clean dust off; blow from the inside-out, and not directly against the motherboard. When: Every 6-12 months. Monitor What: Usually made of glass or a soft display material. How-to: Use microfiber or other soft cloth to gently wipe down screen. Dampen with water if necessary, but avoid alcohol or chemical based products. When: Every 1-2 weeks for optimal display. Keyboard What: Essential typing instrument, can eaşily become a victim to dirt and spills. How-to: Use a cleaning cloth to wipe down tops of keys, and can use cotton swabs and compressed air for space in between keys. When: Every week with immediate cleaning after spills. O Mouse What: Can be optical with a laser, or manual with a ball. How-to: Remove ball (if present), and use a cleaning cloth to wipe away any dust or debris build-up. When: Every 2-3 months or when affected by debris. V Software Maintenance Data Backups - should be done monthly with an extemal backup location, cloud storage or external HDD, for best results. Regktry Cleaning - should be done every 3-6 months with an official program. Avoid using online "free registry cleaning software" as many of these come with potential spyware/malware. Dsk Defragmentatlon - should be done every 3-6 months, rearranges the data that has been fragmented overtime so that the computer may run more efficiently. Software Updates- should always be done ASAP -- even though it's tempting to click "remind me later" -- to avoid any gaps in security and ensure the software is running optimally. Do these seem too good to be true? CLICK THE MOVING ICON TO WIN YOUR FREE PRIZE! WIN A FREE COMPUTER! WINNER $10,000 That's because they usually are. Never click into pop-ups that are too good to be true, as they may be very harmful to your computer. Additionally, ensure that your security software is running with the most up-to-date version. Computer safety and security is only as effective as you are. Stay on top of the many periodic checkups and updates with AOL's fast and effective Computer Checkup. SPONSORED BY SOURCES Aol Computer Checkup. 02013 AQL INÇ. ALL RIGHTS REŞERVED

The Essential Computer Maintenance Checklist

shared by TeamAOL on Nov 08
Routine computer maintenance can go a long way in improving your PC's performance, and it's easier than you think. AOL has provided this computer maintenance checklist that shows what tools and access...




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