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Emsisoft's Malwarelympics 2012

MALWARELYMPICS 2012 NUMBER OF INFECTED PCs relative to the country's population VERY HIGH High Medium Low O Very Low O No Data COUNTRIES WITH THE MOST INFECTIONS SEEN OVERALL (GERMANY) 6.03% (USA) 8.75% (RUSSIA) 9.32% 4,72% 4,18% 3,88% 3,06% 2,82% 2,46% 2,27% 1,81% 1,74% 1,50% 1,44% 1,34% 1,34% 1,32% 1,17% 1,10% 1,05% PL FR IT UA TW BR ES GB TR CN EG NL CA IR SA IN TH MOST WIDESPREAD MALWARE FAMILIES by number of countries Sality Agent 137 Virut 128 141 114 111 108 107 103 102 102 Delf FakeAV Genome Banload Injector Small Patcher TOP MALWARE CATEGORIES Online Gaming Password Backdoors Stealers Trojans 61.27% 13.26% 6.87% 5.25% 4.57% 4.10% 2.69% 0.99% 0.53% 0.49% Rogue Financial malware & password stealers Worms Possible malicious applications Adware Rootkits VIRUSES security software BIGGEST BOTNETS Conficker Mariposa 12.0 Million 10.5 Million BredoLab 30.0 Million (in 1,000,000) 4,5) 3,6) 1,5) 1,0 (0,56)0,50)0,49 TDL-4 Zeus Cutwail Sality Grum Mega Kraken OS TARGETED MOST BY MALWARE ANDROID (<0.1%) WINDOWS LINUX MORE THAN 20 MILLION (<0.1%) MAC OS (<0.1%) MOST COMMON METHODS OF INFECTION Drive-by infections Internet Exploits/leaks in Dropped by another infection downloads outdated software Email attachments Manually installed/ social engineering USB sticks and other removable drives AVERAGE NUMBER OF INFECTIONS PER SCANNED PC VERY HIGH High Medium Low O Very Low No Data MALWARE REMOVED BY EMSISOFT (2012) 2987141 3000386 2884116 2715865 2426348 2331557 2133866 Jan Feb Mär Apr Mai Jun Jul ////I. As of August 12th, the day the 2012 SUMMER OLYMPICS end, Emsisoft's anti-malware products will have REMOVED more than 19.8 MILLION infections from customer PCs this year. 30,000 - 50,000 TOTAL NEW MALWARE SIGNATURES SIGNATURES PER DAY 6 MILLION MALWARE TIMELINE 1986 BRAIN First virus for the PC platform as we know it today 1987 CASCADE First self encrypting virus for the PC platform 1988 MORRIS Almost killed the 'internet' of that time 1989 GHOSTBALL Combination of multiple infection techniques 1992 MICHELANGELO Mass media discovers the computer virus topic 1998 CIH Viruses rendering hardware unusable 1999 HAPPY99 First wide-spread mass mailing worm 2000 ILOVEYOU Primitive script with a huge impact on the mail infrastructure of that time 2001 CODERED Network worm that used exploits to spread without user interaction 2002 OPTIX PRO Highly customizable backdoor that allows full control over the victim's PC 2003 SQL SLAMER A 376 byte worm made the internet stand still 2004 VUNDO Ushering in the age of rogue security software 2005 SAMY XSS First widespread malware to infect social media accounts 2006 OSX/LEAP-A The first MacOS X malware in the wild 2007 ZEUS Huge bot net to steal financial data TORPIG Malware goes back to the roots and discovers boot sectors as an infection vector 2008 2010 STUXNET The first weaponized malware 2011 ZEROACCESS Huge bot net to redirect search results FLAME The next huge case of weaponized malware used by governments 2012 THE TOTAL NUMBER OF MALWARE ALMOST DOUBLES EVERY YEAR! Infographic by: Emsisoft FREE DUAL-ENGINE MALWARE-SCAN ON WWW.EMSISOFT.COM Sources: Emsisoft, Wikipedia

Emsisoft's Malwarelympics 2012

shared by emsisoft on Aug 09
Which countries are most infected? Which malware spreads most? What are top malware categories? (It's not viruses!) What are the biggest botnets?




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