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Email: So yesterday?

BellSouth and IBM unveil Simon Personal Communicator, the world's first mobile phone with PDA features, including email capability. Email is introduced at MIT. Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith launch "HoTMaiL," one of the first free Web-based email services. Microsoft Outlook 2003 includes junk mail and anti-phishing filters and the ability to receive mail from multiple accounts. Evolution of Email 1965 1993 1996 2003 2010 Y Microsoft Outlook 2010 is released and includes Outlook Social Connector, Ignore Conversation and Conversation Clean Up. 1960s Email has transformed the way we all interact - but how much Ray Tomlinson sends the first network email on ARPANET. 1971 - Microsoft Outlook 97 is released, offering a central hub that includes email, scheduling, contact management, task management and a journal module. do you really know about this omnipresent communication tool? 1997 AOL and Delphi connect their proprietary email systems to the Internet. 1993 You might be surprised to learn some of the ways it has affected technology, business and culture over the decades. Take a journey with Microsoft Outlook through some key turning points in email's history, and join us as it continues to evolve. Microsoft introduces 2000 2004 The Federal Trade 1977 2 A standard format (RFC 733) is proposed to enable sending email across the Internet. Entourage mail for Mac. Commission codifies Evolution Microsoft Outlook for MS-DOS is released. email spam laws. 2010 O Outlook Mobile on Windows Phone 7 and Outlook for Mac 2011 are released. Microsoft 1992 Be a part of the future. Visit 1970s Yahoo! introduces Yahoo! Mail. of Email 1997 1977 M U.S. Postal Service begins to see email as potential threat to mail volumes. 1990s 2000s Email spam begins. W 1990s EARLY 2010s s Inbox Micronot Outlook Facebook announces plans to incorporate Microsoft Office Web Apps into its messaging system. Catenes Be Ed yew e toole Cospose tee 2010 D X C. se a Messages th A -OUTLOOK RE Thoughts on venue for the 4th celebration? flagged urgent 1982 @ First known use of the word, "email." Rachel Drossman [email protected] LatMan Ot So Conneter wb pa p Cananr Co es Great, thanks for the feedback. I wi check en both locations, the Need Michiyo Sato 2006 1 Social networking site Facebook opens to the general public. "You've Got Mail" premieres at the box office. Suect Microsoft welkome to Microsoft Dutlook Wecome to Mcosot OutlookOne Window to Your World of Iromatior Mcrosoft Outook is a desitop information management progran that hel and share information on your desitop and conmunicate th others. Use Rarha an Theughh on ven t the ctetratont Lat mrhen pand t miu 1998 Inbo 1) Lionel Penuchot the Marina and will share what i learn Froms pnd cmoodits reebotmal com Dejan ementtning age Subject: RE Thoughts on venue for the 4th celebration? Date: Tue, 8 un 2010 21:30:29 -0700 I also ke the Neede, an aternative would be the marina, but you can 1982 > Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is introduced. Am nen on tthe dema sariptt Man dea er Offe tue Feen on eg enty y mid ret weet CompuServe offers Internet connectivity and email service to 1989 Microsoft Outlook 2000 includes the ability to customize and incorporate personal, corporate and Web-based information in one place. ha einn fr e dem thare Click ona photo to seecial natork update and emal meage from this peson Guy Gilbert 1998 1980s OPautfaret tep ah Dre n Cennen Mal 2011 4 Associated Press Stylebook changes "e-mail" to "email." Acorptet Worng sn on OS gete page oesign Google makes Gmail O 2007 available to the public worldwide. 2006 Outlook 2007 is released, with native support for RSS feeds and the ability to receive text messages. Pere Centres Rachel Dresman Peul Cannen 1 tem, 1 Urread Microsoft Outlook 97 P Canno its subscribers. Microsoft Outlook 2010 Cometed to e nga Outlook Mobile LATE 1988 M The first commercial email product, Microsoft Mail is released for the Mac. 1990s </> HTML email is introduced, allowing for rich formatting within messages. IBM releases Lotus Notes 1.0. 2 1989 O Microsoft Outlook,Then & Now

Email: So yesterday?

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Outlook is increasingly becoming that communications hub for so many people. It not only enables you to access all of your email accounts and schedules, but also gives you social media updates from fr...


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