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Do Computers Hog Our Family Time?

COMPUTER HOGGING YOUR FAMILY TIME? *RESULTS BASED ON U.S. GENERAL ADULT POPULATION US adults waste an average of HOW MANY MINUTES PER DAY ARE WASTED? 20% 10% 10 20 30 40 50 60 16 MINUTES WASTED WAITING FOR COMPUTER PER DAY LIKELIHOOD OF MINUTES WASTING MORE THAN 30 MINUTES PER DAY WHILE COMPUTER "CATCHES UP" 13% Midwest 10% 7% Northeast per day waiting for their computers to "catch up" West 8% South III----I-----I--- I---- .. II--- II---- IF I ONLY HAD MORE FREE TIME... ADULTS WITH CHILDREN UNDER 18 IN THE HOUSE 37% Would spend more time with family and friends 33% Would get more sleep 31% Would exercise more 16% Would catch up on reading 14% Would take up a hobby 9% Would help with their children's homework 1% Would cook more SLOW COMPUTERS ARE INTERRUPTING PEOPLE'S LIVES According to the survey data: US adults with children under 18 living in the household say... 62% C20/ 74% 81% 46% One of their top frustrations is a slow computer They have less patience for their computers than Working with a slow computer is more draining their computer than friends They spend more time with their children than a hard workout and family WHAT DOES AN EXTRA 16 MINUTES PER DAY LOOK LIKE? 4.1 DAYS PER YEAR 1.9 hours per week 8 hours per month %3D And if you have been using the computer regularly for a decade, it equates to 41 days waiting for your slow computer to catch up to you IIII---I--- I------ II------II--- HOW WOULD MOM AND DADS SPEND 64% t ONE EXTRA HOUR PER WEEK? Dad's Mom's of individuals spend more time with their WITH FRIENDS AND computer than with family or close friends (on some days per week) FAMILY EXERCISING AND YET SLEEPING MORE READING 34% TAKING UP A HOBBY US adults would spend time with their COOKING family/friends if they had an extra hour 0% 20% 40% per week WAYS TO SPEND EXTRA FREE TIME AS A FAMILY Oil Prepare and eat meals together Day-trip to lake or beach Help children Read bedtime with homework stories DATA SOURCE: crucial Harris Interactive QuickQuery DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING Fielding Period: October 14-16, 2013 by Micron Weighted To The U.S. General Adult Population - Propensity BY REGION % OF RESPONDANTS

Do Computers Hog Our Family Time?

shared by NowSourcing on Jan 26
Ever stop and think about how much time a slow computer literally takes us away from our families? This infographic has compiled some actual research on the subject.




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