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Digital Signatures Revolution

Digital Signatures REVOLUTIONISING OLD PAPER-BASE METHODS KNOWN DIFFICULTIES 2010 5,260,00 TONS = 23,377 STATUES OF OFFICE PAPERS WASTE OF LIBERTY 2010, THE US GE PAPER WASTE THAT IS EQUAL TED 5,260,00 TONS TO 23, 377 STATUES OF LIBERTY. HUGE BURDEN ON THE ENVIRONMENT DRAINS TIME & MONEY 10,000 Sheets/Yr $80 Per Worker/Yr average office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of A case of paper cost $40 on average > That's $80 A Year per worker. paper a year. PAINFUL PRINTING OF PAPER Cost of Printer Cartridges Cost of Printer Paper Paper Jams Wasted Printer Ink Replenishment frequency of Printer cartridges ISSUES IN INK SIGNATURES • Document storage problems • Lost time costs Fraud and Compliance failure costs Lost opportunity costs Document Retrieval costs • Disaster recovery back up costs For every signed document, usually 4 extra copies of similar documents are required. Maintaining paper record is 50-75 times more expensive in comparison to electronic records. Let's Go in Paperless Environment 4GB B can store 10,000 paper work Say an Employee has to read or fill out 25 pages upon hiring that takes up less than 1.01% of a 4GB flash driver. Theoretically 4GB space could store hiring paperwork of 10,000 employees. Time to Adopt digital signatures Digital Signatures provides: Integrity of data O Authentication O Increase speed of O More security processes John O Less Cost O Non- Repudiation O Time Stamp Diminished the processing errors by 90% Suppressed the document handling expenses by 80 % Moderated all future risks by 50% Increase efficiency Serve as a great source of Legal Evidence Save Time and money along with enhance Security SigningHub .com is an online service owned and managed by Ascertia Limited. SigningHub & are trademarks of Ascertia Limited. wwwwwwwww

Digital Signatures Revolution

shared by nicollesuzan on Mar 10
Nowadays Digital signature services help out in eliminating old paper based signing and moves us towards environment friendly future. It improve document approval processes, reduce our time and cost, ...


Nicolle Suzan


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