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Digital to Physical: The Size of the Internet

DIGITALTO PHYSICAL: THE SIZE OF THE INTERNET The size of the Internet is predicted to be (• 1yb (yottabyte) ») or 1,000,000,000,000,000gb (1 quadrillion gigabytes) Key: How much hardware is needed to store today's Internet? Floppy Discs (1976): 694,000,000,000,000,000 (694 quadrillion) CDs (1996): 6,997,900,600,000 (7 trillion) External Hard Drives (2007): 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) SD Flash Drives (2015): 1,953,125,000,000 (2 trillion) $1 quadrillion (10x more money than exists on Earth). This is the cost of 1,953,125,000,000 SD flash drives. If these storage devices were stacked on top of each other... NEAREST НАBITABLE PLANET Floppy Disks: 1/50th of the way to the nearest habitable planet and 122x further than Voyager has travelled MARS Cost of storing the Internet on SD Flash Drives: 3/4 of the way to Mars THE SUN MOON THE External Hard Drives: 1/7th way to the sun Presented by BEYOND STORAGE 222222222 SD Flash Drives: 7x trips to the moon and bac CDs: 227 around d Earth ......

Digital to Physical: The Size of the Internet

shared by AlexGillham on Oct 01
The size of the internet is pretty extreme as we all know. It's also hard to imagine how much space the internet physically takes up, so we have attempted to present this data through old school stora...


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