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Digital Marketing

What is DIGITAL MARKETING It is the use of new media to market a brand/product/organization and so on. Though there are a lot of activities that can be done, but digital marketing these days relies on the internet Used as promotional tool / place to retrieve information / to educate public Website Is The Main Factor By creating an online identity for your brand, it will increases brand image and awareness. Not to mention that, you can reach a wider target audience with efficiency Get your newu coal Look glamorous a Fal whour lutest coat seection Kano inyewe geingm SALE .40 % or UNWAY Shop Now MOVING BEYOND Gel your newu coal PRINT MEDIA SALE Start asking how digital can you be? HOW WE CAN afew ways OPTIMIZE PAGES Your website content is definitely essential, you will need to maintain it regularly and optimize It is more about strategizing your site content rather than programming the page content On Page Optimization SEO In its bare definition SEO is the one that determines your webpage The more useful your site content is the more traffic your site will have. But the most important thing to remember is to practice good SEO presence (page ranking) on the search result in search engine Getting on to the first page is IMPORTANT Everybody knows how important it is to get your website on to the first page of the search result. People prefer to get what they are looking for in the first page. Only a handful of people go through the second page of the search result SEM Monitor the popular and trending keywords, as well as its variations, and buy the relevant keywords to your business and purpose SOCIAL MEDIA INTERNAL SEO Manage your social media network. Update status on Facebook, promo- tion in Twitter and so on. Social "TITLE" media gives brand exposures Friendly URL Title Tags Sitemap Reach a wider TARGET AUDIENCE Use a shorter link with Name each page of Sitemap helps your your site properly and of course the name will proper name, and it is site to be crawled and be indexed by search engines much easier for the public to remember have to be relevant Great for startup, as the cost is minimal EXTERNAL SEO HEADLINE Cup ol tea cup of tea 404 Custom Page tea cup of tea Create a custom error page so that it is not considered as a tea broken link in your site Keywords Rich Content Repoat your keywords 3-4 timos in your body text for optimization but of course it will need be relevant to your content. And if possible, use the keyword once in the hoading and in hyporlinks Heading 1 Directory Submission Social Bookmarking Heading 2 Heading 3 Heading 4 Proper headings give clear hierarchy to your site and keywords in heading is also useful Q& A Optimizing image Robots.txt Blog Comment Partcipate in Q&A sites Think of it as a guide Try to attach a desciription to each image file that you to let Google robot knows where to crawl. Further increase your web presence on the internet, with Let it know which Inbound Link have on your sito. By giving ALT properties to your images, search engine can now road pages you allow it to go to. For example. allow it to crawl your ways such as: directory submission, social bookmarking (by The more other people using sites like Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc), comment- directly click the link to ing in blogs. In addition, we can participate in Q&A sites, forums, and so on your sito, the more traffic you will get whole site except the them admin area Content Creation Search Engine Marketing Regularly update your site content will keep your site fresh. Updates mean that there is activity around the site and there- fore site is in operation Keywords research Research the keywords and find out the ones that you can use to specifically target the audience DESIGN Google Ads Adsa Research your keywords and purchase them, advertising online is made easy using Google Ads gaigle Post Reports Use the reports on your digital marketing campaign to compare the traffic before and after you have did it Create articles post for blogs High quality and informative content will ensure visitors to keep coming back to your site Social Media Marketing PINTEREST search keywords Find things based on interest low fat cupcakes FACEBOOK Sharing post Watch out for the common language or terms people used to content is easy TWITTER search. Is it cupcakes or muffins? with Facebook Posts can go viral in a short time Display Advertising Website Speed Tester RUNWAY.COM One of the biggest pet peeves is having to wait for a webpage to load. There Webmaster Tools are a lot of other tools that With webmaster tools, you can see the activities and the overall state of your website. Including other can be utilised to check the loading time of your site. For example: YSlow and Page Speed. Use it to improve the perfomance of your site websites that links to your own website Site Optimization IS, REALLY, NOT HARD AT ALL Display ads are still around in the internet, among the search result, and among sites. And it uses Google Display Network which you can be sure to get your website listed as the site owner, you will need to do all these little things to ensure your site is discoverable Email Marketing Subscribe by Email We are Brought to you by Old school style, emails still prove to be effective. Use newsletter to communicate НАРPY NOW your message TO OFFER OUR SERVICE Google Analytics Nov-Des coffee See how many people visit your site within a period of time or how long does each users stay on your site

Digital Marketing

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