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The Digital Era

| Kroll Ontrack. THE DIGITALERA How our life has changed into a digital one Data creation, data loss and its recovery over time NUMBERS 1425 000 205 153 Data Recovered by Kroll Ontrack 2 100 Number of PCs Affected by Data Loss 472 800 M Number of PCs per 1 Million People USERS 90 T EMAILS 25.21B www WEBSITES 35 1 PT = 1024 TB = 1 048 576 GB PB 20 100 M USERS \16 PB 12 [X] 910 000 [x] 33 000 E 140 433 5.5 11,5 B www WEBSITES 1985 6 791 2005 – 1987 KROLL ONTRACK STARTS DATARECOVERY 1.2 GB 1.2 30 GB 120 GB 0.8 * 1990 350 GB 0.4 800 GB 0.2 0.1 PB/ 60 TB/ /45 TB/31 TB 17 TB 9 TB a1.5 TB 4 TB [x] 100 000 2000 18 900 [X] 529 000 [x] 225 000 86 797 39 450 IT Events EVENTS Brief history of digital life bit by bit Seagate releases the first 5.25-inch hard disk Winchester Home microcomputer ZX-80 the best known in Europe 1980 Flash memory is invented First IBM PC to come with an internal hard drive as standard Maxtor disk manufacturer is founded Compaq is founded and becomes IBM's biggest competitor 1982 Kroll Ontrack Events SyQuest introduces the first portable hard disk with a capacity of 5 MB Microsoft introduces Pile System Beginning of the Internet. ARPAnet NTFS Apple introduces Macintosh computers 1984 Kroll Ontrack Starts up Oracle Corporation releases Oracle version 5, which supports the client-server model Release of legendary Disk Manager One of the first examples of digital forensics - Clifford Stoll pursuit SCSI is officially standardized by 1986 the American National Standards Institute of hacker Markus Hess FAT 16 File Allocation Table First data recovery case in company histoary The begining of RAID storage is created Taiyo Yuden company releases a CD-R Robert Marris realeses the Morris 1988 wom Digital Data Storage (DDS) is a format for storing and backing up computer data on magnetic tape Linear Tape-Open (or LTO) a magnetic tape data storage is developed 1990 The rise of HTML First onsite recovery in military conditions during Desert Storm in Kuwait by Greg Olson and Stuart Hanley Begining f WWW Famous Michaelangelo virus Massive data recovery after attack of Michelangelo virus First extended file system (EXT) created especially for Linux 1992 First full Linux distribution 1994 CompactFlash (CF) is produced Official launch of Computer Forensics services M-Systems introduces flash-based SSD drives EMC develops the concept af network-attached storage - Hacker Kevin Mitnick is arrested Launch of Ontrack EasyRecovery software IBM computer Deep Blue beats chess master Garry Kasparov Microsoft introduces FAT 32 1996 Pirst recovery from SSD Drive First Remote Data Recovery over Internet connection ---- -- Recovery of data from hard drive after 20 months in the sea The term cloud com puting is First mobile device with the domain is registered used for the first time Internet - Nokia 9000i Retrieve presentation for the Nagano Olympics Committee 1998 MYSQL is introduced Apple introduces the iMac VMware introduces full virtualiza- tion Massive data recovery cases after millenium bug (Y2K) Millenium bug - The Year 2000 problem Microsoft Pocket PC 2000 2000 Love hurts - virus I love you' Kroll Ontrack recoved data and evidence of data sabotage in Omega Company case - important US goverment contractor is introduced Quantum sells its hard drive business to Maxtor Data recovery after terrorist attack on WTC DVD-R appeared on the market Wikipedia is founded Launch of Ontrack PowerControls e-mail recovery solution for Exchange Blu-ray technology Hitachi takes over IBM's hard drive business 2002 introduced Data recovery from onboard scientific computers after LinkedIn is launched The game Second Life is released Space Shuttle Columbia crash The photo sharing site Flickr is launched 2004 MySpace launched - Pacebook is created Toshiba produces the first commercia lly available disk drive (1.8) using perpendicular recording technology Maxtor is acquired by Seagate Technology Massive data recovery after Hurricane Katrina YouTube is created Krall Ontrack acquires European competitor Norwegian Ibas Vogon The company Cloud Computing introduces the idea of securely storing 2006 opens AWS cloud unlimited amounts of data without physical, onsite hardware First Recovery for the cloud Apple introduces iPhone Dropbax is founded - Google releases Android Recovery of Gothenburg Rescue Service Data Center flooded by sea ----- ---- --- ---- Kroll Ontrack launched recovery technologies from complex VMware envionments Worldwide notebook computer shipments exceed desktops for the first time 2008 Apple introduces the MacBook Air Saved critical pieces of world history from WWI when we recovered & converted data from 300 diskes Microsoft releases Virtual PC 2010 130 exabytes of data is stored in Apple releases iPad Stuxnet worm is first discovered the cloud Data recovery after tsunami in Japan Microsoft introduces Office 365 Sources htp://en. wiki pediaog/wiki/ Plash_memary #History htp:// hard_dmveshtml htp:// hap://en. wiki pedia.og/wiki/History_of IBM hmp://www.computerho hmp:// htp://en. wiki pedia.og/wiki/ NTPSHistory htp://en. wiki pediaog/wiki/ History_of the Inter net htp://en. wiki pedia.og/wiki/ Macinto sh hmp:// pediaog/wiki/Oracle_Database htp:// hap://en. wiki pedia.og/wiki/Cillard Stoll htp://en. wiki pedia.og/wiki/ Pile _Alocation_Table htp://en. wiki pedia.og/wiki/Taiyo_Yuden htp://cs-extibi tina phprid=297 htp://en. wiki pe dia.o/wiki/Linear Tape-Open news-81- 20111213ABrieHistoryof EXT2EXT3andEXT4.html htp// drive htm computing-past-present-and-tuture.html htp:// hm history.html http://www.msne science-security/worst- computer-viruses-last-years/e.Tyvi-8V4MM Reiser_PS tp:// Pacehook mtp:// Perpendicular_recording tp:// http://pctimelineinfo/comp2008htm hip:// drive ttp:// pe computer http://www.census gov/population/intermational/data/idb/warkdpoptotal.php htp:// peww1200.htm http://hadoop-karma generated-on-internet.himl

The Digital Era

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How our life has changed into a digital one Data creation, data loss and its recovery over time


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