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Did You Know: Graphic Design

GRicsen Did Did YoU Know Dictionary Picture" "Graphic" "Give a Clear Lmeans- HISTURK The oldest forms of Graphics are found in southern France Lascaux caves In the shape of Pictograms and Symbols. Made in 15,000 – 10,000 BC. American Calligrapher creaTed erm Graphic- Willizm son Duisgins Design in 1922. According to- the Average Salary for a Graphic Designer in USA is $45,704 PEEC It is estimated that there are over Specialist Graphic Design 4000ms just in the firms just in the OK. IEM Machines Corporation Peretz Rosenbaum is arguably the International Business American Broadcasting uncrowned king amongst Graphic Designers. He created IBM logo, the most recognizable UPS logo, ABC logo and many other design icons. He is known as Paul Rand. abc Company Paul Rand ups United Parcel Service Typesetters used to create Treadle Printing Machines based designs using- Butrotay this design technique Daign has became a category of Grapluo we know it as TYPOGRAPHY, "I Want YOU"- Inspiration is the key in graphic design. The influential "Uncle Sam" recruitment poster "I Want YOU" I WANT YOU FOR U.S.ARMỸ Designed by James Montgomery Flagg NEAREST RECRUITING STATION was inspired by a British Poster Designed by Alfred Leete for the same World War 1. YOUR COUNTEY NEEDS YOU Nike's tick-mark style design was made by Carolyn Davidson in 1971, she was a student of Portland State University. She was paid S35. Nike's Tick-Mark The most commonly used font on web Grotesque Simplices. Egyptian Lineale Doric Heiti has had multiple names in the past. Misspelling is an easy way to make something popular. "BackRub" was a search engine made in 1996 In 1998 they renamed it misspelling the word Googol- Today you know "BackRub" by the BackRub name of- Google Powered By: Jesignzz All Right Reserved © @designzzz Sources Serif Granhic says the word Carolyn Davidson Sans Peretz Rosenbaum

Did You Know: Graphic Design

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
Today we will cover the topic of Graphic Design and tell you many interesting bits and bytes from the world of graphic design. Such info is a lot of fun to just know about even if you are not a profes...




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