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Design with Impact: A Guide to Webpage Anatomy

SEOMOZ IVIPACT DESIGN WITH A GUIDE TO WEBPAGE ANATOMY BILLBOARD HEADER OFFER ONE BILLBOARD HEADER JARGON BUSTER LINK BUTTON BILLBOARDS BILLBOARDS The king of the hotspots INCREDIBLE HOTSPOTS Hotspots are ine pime locations on a page most likely to capture a users attention. Treat it just ike you would a shop window put in here the promotions, offers or messages that are most likely to drag people off the street. = LOW BOUNCE RATE POSITIONED PRO TIP: Group key USP's, calls to action & trust signals WELL TRUST SIGNALS Elements such as Awards, Returns Policies and Testimonials are all good trust signals. In essence, they reassure users and increase the likelihood of conversion. For maximum effect group key USP's, calls to action and trust signals ADGES! together and alongside billboards, the correct positioning of a badge offers a gree EH CONVERSI to deliver a secon message. PANELS EQUALS HIGHER Interactive and visually rich single click nav. Use banners as a method of navigating users drecty to key products, categories or services. For added impact group directly underneath billboards to give a website a natural flow. CALLS TO ACTION CLICK THROUGHS An element specitically designed to encourage the user to purchase or make an enquiry. PRO TIP DFECT CATEGORY LINK> Text behind a mouse-over event offers a great way to maintain site design, while enhancing UX and search performance PRO TIP DIFECT CATEGORY LNK> PRO TIP DRECT CATEGORY UMK > Text behind a mouse-over event offers a great way USP'S Unique Selling Points, are the positive attributes that identify a busnesses products or services and set it apart from its competitors SUB-PANEL HEADER SLB-FANEL HEADBR> SUB-PANE HEADER > SLB-FANEL HEADER> SLB-FANEL HEADER> SUB-PANELS & EXPANDABLE DIVS SUB-PANELS EQUALS ADDITIONAL SALES The optional but very versatile hotspot. Use sub panels as an opportunity to promote additional products, calls to action and your trust signals. To deliver extra punch, add an expandable div so a box just like this one is revealed when the panel is clicked. lisha L OPPORTUNITIES PRO TIP WEB FONTS Embrace the beauty!! The widespread adoption of webfonts is one of the biggest advances in web design and UX. They allow designers to create stunning websites and graphics that look amazing and are fully crawlable by search engines HREE NAV FOUR NAV FIVE a TEMS IN BASET S07.50 TWO NAV THREE SUB HAY ONE SUB NAV TWO SUB HAN THREE SUB NAV FOUR ITEM ONE ПЕМ сМЕ ITEM ONE ITEM TWO TEM THFEE ITEM FOUR ITEN TWO ITEM TWO HIDDEN GEMS TEM THREE ITEN THREE ТЕЙ ТННЕЕ ITEM FOUR ITEM FOLR Position messages Use drop down navs, roll overs or and offers outside product pages for additional offers and the normal flow of deliver an unexpected gift that packs a web browsing. EQUALS ADDITIONAL SALES OPPORTUNITES big punch by catching users off guard. MIN MAX IMPACT-O-METER 2 see these tips in action @graphitas 1 gráphitas Feat on MALAMONDO New W anboa Sans Pro Access ICO dishe

Design with Impact: A Guide to Webpage Anatomy

shared by graphitas on Jan 22
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The attached infographic has been lovingly crafted by the team at Graphitas. We share our accumulated knowledge and experience of how the positioning of elements on a page affect their impact, it ...




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