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A Day in The Life of The Internet

A Day in the Life of the Internet

Internet Usage around the World

2,405,518,376 Internet Users Worldwide

70% if them use the internet every day.

The number of internet users has grown by 566% since 2000

37.3% of the world�۪s population uses the Internet.

Percentage of population using the Internet by continent

North America 78.6% Oceania/Austrialia 67.6% Europe 63.2%

Latin America/Caribbean 42.9% Middle East 40.2% Asia 27.5% Africa 15.6%

Top 5 Language on the Internet (in millions of users)

English 536.6

Chinese 44.9

Spanish 153.3

Japanese 99.1

Portuguese 82.5

The top 10 languages on the internet are utilized by 82.2% of all internet users.

Getting Online


8 new people start using the internet every second

Top 3 web browswers

37.1% Chrome

29.8% Internet Explorer

21.3% Firefox

The use of mobile devices to access the internet. Increases 2X/year

0.7% 2009 8.5% 2012

38% of media interactions each day are on smartphones

Apple is the most popular mobile internet vendor accounting for 25.9% of mobile web use.

Uses of the Internet

On average, 139,344 new websites go live each day.

Uses of the Internet in percentage of users.

62% Research 50.1% Banking

58% Shopping 15.2% Meeting People

62.2% Information about health

43% Making Travel Reservations 45.5% Looking for Jobs

The websites with the most monthly views. Google 188m, Youtube 157m, Facebook 148m, Twitter 88m, Yahoo 85m


144B emails are sent each day

68.8% of emails are spam

Gmail is the most popular email provider, with 425 million active users.


Google is the most popular search engine, with 88% of the market share

Bing 4.2% Baidu 3.5% Yahoo 2.4%

There is an average of 3,278,688,524 Google searches every day. Search

Social Media

Social networking users spend an average of 3.2 hours each day on social networking sites. =30 minutes [1/2 hour]

Number of users for social networking sites.

Facebook 1000M =100m

Youtube 800M

Twitter 500M Google+ 340M

Linkedin 200M Tumblr 150M

Instagram 100M Reddit 43M Pinterest 25M


500M people Log In to facebook each day

Facebook users spend a combined time of 10.5B minutes each day=20,000 years

28% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook before getting out of bed.

more than 500TB of data are uploaded to Facebook every day the equivalent of 20,000 Blu-Ray Discs =10,000 discs

2.7B ���Likes�۝ are given 300M new photos are uploaded


Around 175 Million Tweets are sent every day.


40M Photos are taken every day.

8,500 likes 1,000 comments are given every second


Youtube has 4,000,000,000 views every day. 60 hours of video uploaded every 60 seconds on youtube.

133M hours of videos are watched on Youtube each day

At the rate of its current growth, the web will inevitably become an integral part of everyday life in which you can either utilize to your advantage or deprive yourself of immense opportunity. A DAY OF THE IN THE LIFE INTERNET INTERNET USAGE AROUND the WORLD 70% 2,405,518,376 of them INTERNET USERS USE THE INTERNET WORLDWIDE EVERY DAY Since 2000 The number of internet users has grown by 566% 37.3% OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION USES THE INTERNET PERCENTAGE OF POPULATION USING THE INTERNET BY CONTINENT NORTH AMERICA OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA EUROPE 78.6% 67.6% 63.2% LATIN AMERICA/ CARIBBEAN MIDDLE EAST ASIA AFRICA 42.9% 40.2% 27.5% 15.6% TOP 5 LANGUAGES ON THE INTERNET (in millions of usera) 536.6 444.9 ENGLISH +E [Chinese] ESPAÑOLAS [Spanish] 153.3 A0 (Japanese] 99.1 PORTUGUÊS [Portuguese] 82.5 10 The top 10 languages on the internet are utilized by 82.2% of all internet users. GETTING ONLINE hÂÑ/SEC 8 new people start using the internet every second THE USE OF MOBILE DEVICES TOP 3 web browsers TO ACCESS THE INTERNET Increases 37.1% CHROME 2X /YEAR 8.5% 29.8% e INTERNET EXPLORER 21.3% 0.7% FIREFOX 2009 2012 38% OF MEDIA INTERACTIONS EACH DAY ARE ON SMARTPHONES APPLE ACCOUNTING FOR 25.9% IS THE MOST POPULAR MOBILE INTERNET VENDOR OF MOBILE WEB USE USES OF THE INTERNET ON AVERAGE, GO LIVE New 139,344 websites each day USES OF THE INTERNET IN percentage of users ... 62% 50.1% 58% 15.2% RESEARCH BANKING SHOPPING MEETING PEOPLE 62.2% 43% 45.5% INFORMATION MAKING TRAVEL LOOKING ABOUT HEALTH RESERVATIONS FOR JOBS The websites GOOGLE [188M] YOUTUBE [157m] FACEBOOK [148M] WITH THE MOST MONTHLY VIEWS TWITTER [88M] YAHOO [85м] EMAIL 1448 emails are sent each day of emails 68.8% are spam GMAIL IS THE MOST POPULAR EMAIL PROVIDER, WITH 425 million active users. SEARCH GOOGLE Google IS THE MOST POPULAR SEARCH ENGINE, WITH 88% of the markel share BING 4.2% BAIDU 3.5% YAHOO 2.4% THERE IS AN AVERAGE OF 3,278,688,524 Google searches every day SEARCH SOCIAL MEDIA SOCIAL NETWORKING USERS SPEND AN AVERAGE OF 888XX3.2 hours each day on social networking sites 8 = 30 minutes [1/2 hour] Number of users for SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES 1000M FACEBOOK = 100M 800M YOUTUBE ( 500M 340M TWITTER GOOGLE+ 200M 150M LINKEDIN TUMBLR INSTAGRAM 100M REDDIT 43M PINTEREST 25M FACEBOOK FACEBOOK USERS SPEND A 500м COMBINED TIME OF 10.5B = 20,000 people minutes each day years LOG IN 28% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook before to facebook each day getting out of bed more than of data are uploaded 500TB to Facebook every day the equivalent of = 10,000 DISCS 20,000 BLU-RAY DISCS 2.7B 300м new photos are uploaded "Likes" are given TWITTER AROUND 175 MILLION Tweets are sent every day INSTAGRAM O 40M 8,500 likes 1,000 comments Photos are taken every day are given every second YOUTUBE YOUTUBE HAS 4,000,000,000 views every day 133M hours 60 hours of video uploaded every 60 seconds on youtube of videos are watched on Youtube each day AT THE RATE OF ITS CURRENT GROWTH, THE WEB WILL INEVITABLY BECOME AN INTEGRAL PART OF EVERYDAY LIFE IN WHICH YOU CAN EITHER UTILIZE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE OR DEPRIVE YOURSELF OF IMMENSE OPPORTUNITY. SOURCES Website Hosting php/resource-how- many-people-use-the-top-social-media/ http://gs http://gs ace-nokia-worldwide-for-first-time-in-terms-of-intemet-us n-the-daily-data-transfers age statistics-september-2012/ mbers/ many-active-users-instagram-really-has/ -share/ tworking-eats-up-3-hours-per-day-for-the-average-america n-user-26049/ ena_2H_2012/Sandvine_Global_Intemet_Phenomena_Repo rt_2H_2012 pdf

A Day in The Life of The Internet

shared by punkrobby on May 06
The Internet never sleeps. Is it possible to even fathom the idea of any given moment without someone in the world being connected to the Internet for one reason or another? It wasn’t that long ag...






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