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A Day in the Internet

A DAY IN THE INTERNET In one day, enough information is consumed by internet traffic to fill 168 MILLION DVDS. =1 MILLION 294 BILLION SENT! emails are sent. It would take 2 years to process that many pieces MAR 2014 of mail in the US. 2 MILLION BLOG POSTS TIME are written. Enough posts to fill Time Magazine for 770 years. 172 MILLION different people visit Facebook. Twitter: 40 MILLION LinkedIn: 22 MILLION Google+: 20 MILLION Pinterest: 17 MILLION 4.7 BILLION MINUTES are spent on Facebook. OMG BRO 532 MILLION STATUSES LOL I LOVE BELIEDER EATIN' are updated. CEREAL TTY 250 MILLION PHOTOS are uploaded to Facebook. If printed, the stack would be as tall as 80 Eiffel Towers. 22 MILLION HOURS 22 23 24 of old tv shows and movies are watched on netflix. That's how many hours of movies are watched in theatres in 3 days. 864,000 HOURS OF VIDEO are uploaded to YouTube. That's 98 years of non-stop cat videos. Internet users spend 14.6 MINUTES WEIRD KINKY STUFF!XXX viewing porn online. The average fap session is 12 minutes. 18.7 MILLION HOURS OF MUSIC is streamed on Pandora. If a computer started streaming Pandora in year 1 AD, it'd still be streaming now. 22 O 22 1288 NEW APPS TO DOWNLOAD And more than 35 million apps are downloaded. IPHONE SALES OUTPACE the human population. 378,000 371,000 Number of iPhones Sold Number of babies born Created By: References: http:/ hetp:// http/ 0ZomyVoogphp/post403838sao http://www.hutfingtonpost com/2012/oyos/netflix-stock-surges-afte_n1185Bo&.html http://www.encughorg/inside.phpitag-stats2oarchives com/newshome/20120105oos547/en/Nieken-Company-BiboardsEzsBoxggs-2on-Music-Industry-Report http://thenestwebcom/google/2011/12/06/android-market-hits-vob-apps-downloaded-now-at-ib-a-month-loc-app-sake-to-cekebrate/ html This work is under a Creative Commons icense

A Day in the Internet

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As more and more business is conducted online, more and more business opportunities are created due to the massive size of the internet. Companies like Amazon, Apple, and even Walmart are giants in e-...


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