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Data Loss Causes

Using Old Hardware or Old Verslon of Computer Software No Systematic Backup Strategy or Backup Restoration Strategy "Computer viruses" or Anti-virus Software CAUSES OF DATA LOSS Keeping Backups in the Same Öffice or Using Improper Media The list of the most common data storage mistakes made by Hetman Software customers. DIY Repair without Proper Tools Building fault-tolerant system is not enough to data safety Fiing Things That Ain't Broken No Systematic Backup or Restoration Strategy 1 This section lists errors related to an incorrect approach to backing up data. Absence of a backup copy of valuable data is the most common reason for contacting our company. Cause Keeping Backups in the Office or Using Improper Media Having a perfect daily backup and uninterrupted access to backup restore tools is not enough. Physical location of your backups as well 2. as hardware media matters a lot. Cause Building fault-tolerant system is not enough to data safety Redundant or even mirrored RAID arrays will definitely increase data storage reliability. However, relying on a RAID array alone to keep your data safe is an extremely bad idea due to multiple factors. Cause Fixing Things That Ain't Broken If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Many users will forget this wisdom, trying to clean up, optimize or 'fix' their storage system. It is these types of activities that make us friends with a good half of clients. 4 Cause DIY Repair without Proper Tools Attempting to 'fix' the disk without using the right tools is plain dangerous. Using disk recovery tools such as Windows checkdisk can mess up your HDD and ruin your chances of getting your data back. Cause "Computer viruses" or Anti-virus Software "Computer viruses", as well as anti-virus tools, can cause important files to be deleted. Users' carelessness often becomes the main reason for this. Cause Using Old Hardware or Old Version of Software You'd never know how many old, obsolete systems are out there if we didn't tell. Many organizations and some home users will use 7. their hardware to death. Cause © 2015 LD IIII •

Data Loss Causes

shared by hetmansoftware on Apr 28
Data on a hard drive or a memory card can be easily lost, but their recovery is very difficult. There are definitely more than seven common mistakes made by computer users who want to reliably store i...






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