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Data Breaches Can Destroy Your Small Business

YOU& ARĒ NOT IMMUNE EVERYONE is a hacker's tärget We put ourselves at risk everyday by CARELESSLY BROWSING THE INTERNET OPENING MALICIOUS EMAILS USING WEAK PASSWORDS Be aware Be suspicious Be smart DON'T Use unsecure network or Wi-Fi connections DON'T Use simplistic and 30% of phishing unimaginative passwords messages WERE OPENED DO BE OBSERVANT of sketchy webpages Use the SAME PASSWORDS for multiple sites 12% of victims DO Change your passwords regularly Do NOTICE SECURITY CLICKED THE MALICIOUS ATTACHMENT OR LINK MEASURES on websites Top Passwords that hackers try admin root 123456 12345 admin123 1234 password test 36.5% 16.3% 10.7% 10.1% 7.5% 7.2% 5.6% 2% In 2016, 1.1 BILLION IDENTITIES WERE STOLEN businesses need to do more to protect against data breaches Data breaches occur when sensitive, protected How Data Breaches Endanger Our Information or confidential data has been viewed, stolen or used by an unauthorized individual Types of data breaches Internal Incidents US External Attacks Unintentional or malicious data loss from an inside source Strategic strike from someone with technological expertise Insider Theft Spear Phishing EMPLOYEE OR THIRD-PARTY SPREADS MALWARE USING AN INFECTED EXPOSING OR STEALING DOCUMENT ATTACHED IN AN E-MAIL VALUABLE INFORMATION In 2015: 10% of data breaches due to insider theft 91% OF PHISHING ATTACKS BEGIN WITHIN 80 SECONDS OF AN EMPLOYEE RECEIVING PHISHING MESSAGE Employees may be unaware a successful phishing attack on their device may put the entire company's network at risk Accidental Incident Ransomware COULD BE CAUSED BY LOST ASSETS OR LOCKS PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR MISHANDLING OF INFORMATION COMPUTERS, HOLDING IMPORTANT FILES RANSOM FOR MONEY In 2015: 48% of identities were exposed by accident No guarantee that paying the ransom will release 'these files In 2016: Attackers are asking for 3X as much for ransom than in 2015 43% OF DATA LOSSES ARE DUE TO INTERNAL INCIDENTS – half are intentional and half are accidental Data Breaches Cause Major Problems Steal valuable files and data Destroy an organization's reputation Threaten national security Information exposed in data breaches In 2015: 78% 44% 41% 38% 36% Real Names Home Addresses Birth Dates Gov. ID Numbers (e.g. SSN) Medical Records Security Is For Businesses Of All Sizes And Types Small businesses vs Large enterprises experience experience ΜΑNY AΤTACKS FEW ATTACKS on a few target businesses on many target enterprises Small businesses have the most to lose LARGER FINANCIAL IMPACT in proportion to enterprises FOLLOWING 29% of small businesses did not change their security A СYBER SECURITY INCIDENT 20% of large enterprises did not change their security LESS LIKELY to adopt cyber security initiatives Small businesses experience 43% of spear-phishing attacks, more than larger businesses WITHIN 6 MONTHS of a successful phishing attack, about HALF of small businesses will have gone out of business AVERAGE RECOVERY COST AFTER SMB $36k-$50k DATA BREACH That can be the total value of some small businesses SOME INDUSTRIES are targeted more than others IDENTITIES EXPOSED IN 2016 DATA BREACHES COMMITTED IN 2016 FINANCE, INSURANCE, & REAL ESTATE SERVICES MANUFACTURING RETAIL TRADE SERVICES MANUFACTURING 90.1% 5.6% 1.3% 44.2% 22.1% 11.3% 914,382,512 56,782,089 13,173,167 Identities Exposed Managed Cloud Network as a Service from OCBTS can protect you. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS Experience Perimeter Defense technology, including Intrusion Protection & Detection, Anti-Malware, and Access & Application Control Along with the peace of mind of a dedicated army of expert engineers who manage and monitor your activity 24/7/365 Take action today! 888-457-0625 SECURITY IS THE LARGEST BENEFIT of having a cloud based platform Security Increased Efficiency 22% 15% Data Space 12% Scalability Speed Flexibility Mobility 9% PRIMARY CLOUD 9% COMPUTING 8% BENEFITS 7% Cost 7% Maintenances 6% Physical Space 5.6% The Cloud: How Can It Protect Your Business? Limited Access More Convenient Helpful Expertise More controlled access to data More difficult for employees to accidentally or purposefully compromise data Easily scalable Add more features, accounts or share data access with a click of a button Outsourced management Don't have to worry about hiring staff to take care of network management, the upkeep of systems, and customer service Easier and more frequent updates/upgrades No longer have to worry about updating your entire system with the newest technology and programs, saving time and money Experts in their field Access to skilled IT professionals that help eliminate causes of malware infections (e.g., misconfiguration, human error, negligence) Strong perimeters and surveillance Physical servers are much more protected than just locking the office door (e.g., surveillance, limited vulnerabilities, layered barriers) WELL-MANAGED, WELL-PATCHED SYSTEMS ARE LESS LIKELY TO BECOME INFECTED- using the cloud can help you accomplish these cybersecurity measures Sources: CBTS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Data Breaches Can Destroy Your Small Business

shared by NowSourcing on Sep 21
Hackers are targeting everyone, and small businesses can feel the burn much more than large corporations when a breach strikes. Learn more about preventing data breaches from this infographic!






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