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Cyber Stalking: the dangers of over sharing information

CYBERSTALKING The Dangers of Oversharing Information SOCIAL NETWORKS such as Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram and Facebook provide "geo-tagging" and time stamp functionality for every tweet, picture post, status update and check-in 10:00AM 9:35PM 7:00AM ESSENTIALLY it shows the world when and where your child is at any given time. 12:00PM F MOST PARENTS trust that their children are safe and resposible Internet users. Yet children are still posting personal information online everyday. THINK YOUR CHILD IS SAFE? Even safety experts struggle to manage the risks associated with social networks: DELL $2.7 million Technology mega mogul and safety expert MICHAEL DELL , founder of Dell Computers, is a very "tech-savvy" parent and cares a lot about the safety of his family. IN FACT to protect his family, Dell spends $2.7 million per year to keep them safe. DELL'S 18 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER Is an average Twitter user, but like most teens can make mistakes online: TWEETING about where SHE EVEN tweeted the she was shopping and where she stayed on a recent trip to NYC. location of her high school graduation dinner, which her family attended. 10:00AM ALSO CAUSE FOR CONCERN DELL'S 15 YEAR OLD SON appeared on a Tumblr Blog titled "Rich Kids of Instagram" in a picture of the 15 year old devouring a buffet before departing to Fiji on the family's jet. FIJI SINCE THE NEWS broke, the Twitter account and the photo of Dell's son have been taken down. "I'm sure they called the dad and shut it down" Jason Thorsett, Director Operations for Protective Services, told Businessweek. ЛЛ EVEN WITH Dell's enormous safety budget and security team, his kids were still at risk on social networks from posting too "It's innocent on the kids' behalf, but social networking has become the bane of our existence. They undo a lot of hard work on Facebook and Twitter." much information. Dell knows all the risks associated with oversharing information online, yet still encountered difficulty in preventing his teens from doing it. IN APRIL 2011 RUSSIAN software tycoon Evgeny Kaspersky is the founder of Kaspersky Labs: a desktop and Internet security company Kapersky's son was kidnapped on April 19th walking from his apartment to his internship at InfoWatch $3 Million Euros HIS CAPTORS' demands were for a ransom of 3 million euros ($4.4 million USD) $4.4 Million USD Although amateurs, his captors were able to locate and abduct the son of a billionaire – HOW? NAME ADDRESS MM/DD/YYYY MALE/FEMALE (xxx)-XXX-XXXX B. C. KASPERSKY had published a profile containing information such as his true name, his photo, where he was attending school, where he was working for his internship and even the addresses of the last two apartments THE KIDNAPPERS were apparently able to obtain all the information they required to begin their physical surveillance of the victim from KASPERSKY'S abductors had been stalking him and his girlfriend for several months prior to the kidnapping, following his every move via social network posts. information Kaspersky himself had posted on, a Russian social networking site where he lived. LUCKILY, KASPERSKY WAS RETURNED UNHARMED. Odds are no one wants to kidnap your kids... In fact, cyberstalkers are much more likely to be ex-boyfriends/girlfriends or estranged parents. You may not be a safety expert, the founder of a computer compter, or even a tech-savvy parent but you can still take measures to protect your children online. Dell and Kaspersky have no doubt taken extraordinary steps to keep their kids safe but even the most knowledgeable parents can benefit from a Parental Intelligence System. For more information about monitoring your child online: visit today! * uknowkidsi Sources: learned | over-daughter-tweets/ A.

Cyber Stalking: the dangers of over sharing information

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Odds are no one wants to kidnap your kids. In fact, cyber-stalkers are much more likely to be ex-boyfriends or astranged parents. You may not be a safety expert, the founder of a computer empire, or...



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