Cyber Crime: What Is It and How To Stop It?

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Interpol defines cyber crime simply as 'attacks against computer hardware or software' But, cyber crime can be broadly defined as falling into one or more of these three categories: хх Attacks against Abuse such as Financial crimes malicious messages, your device such as malware, viruses, botnets and network intrusion. such as online harassment, fraud, accessing financial services exploitation or sexual grooming. or phishing. What Our Expert Says: Online fraud and cyber crime is a serious and growing threat to UK businesses and individuals. As more and more of our personal and financial interactions take place on the web, opportunities for criminals have increased exponentially. The first step towards being safe online is being aware of the scale of the problem and being conscious of the simple but effective measures you can take to protect yourself. Gary Broadfield Head of Cyber Crime Cartwright King 15 O How Does it Happen? Cyber crime can be carried out in a number of ways, the most common methods are: Phishing Screenshotting Keylogging Sending out emails asking for personal information and Where offenders Keystrokes are tracked on your computer so that your password can be quickly accessed. take screen shots of your computer login details. allowing them access to sensitive information. Ad Clicker Hacking Allowing criminals to send you to a specific link when you click on an advert. Breaking into website admin panels and personal accounts. Why Does it Happen? Cyber crimes are LOW RISK / HIGH RETURN Only 10% of recorded cyber crimes result in conviction! In 2014 70% of 77% of cyber crime is directed at small businesses had at least one hacking incident. to medium businesses. Despite there being numerous ways to commit cyber crime, criminals tend to be more interested in gathering information such as: employee records personal banking information V login and password details V contact lists Whilst a small minority of hackers have a solely malicious intent, most are looking for anything that might lead them to some sort of financial gold mine. Someo 0 Context At present there are estimated to be approximately 14 billion internet connected devices in existence. Internet of Things Number of Connected Devices Worldwide That's an estimated 50 billion devices by 2020! 60 50 40 30 20 10 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 20018 2019 2020 Worldwide Losses from Cyber Crime Expressed as % of GDP Canada 0.17% China 0.63% USA UK France Turkey Russia 0.16% 0.11% 0.07% 0.10% Japan 0.02% 0.64% Mexico 0.17% Germany Saudi Arabia India 0.17% Australia 0.08% Brazil 0.32% 1.60% 0.21% Consumer Confidence Ratings High Med Low N/A 0118 What is the Cost of Cyber Crime? The global cost for cyber crime is estimated at around $100 billion! Average Cost For Each Country / Year For an Average Firm USA 01101010101010110101110100110101010101011 Germany 01101010101010110101 Japan 01101010101010110101 In the USA the average cost of Cyber Crime per year is $15.4 million! UK 011010101010101101 Brazil 0110101010 The global average cost of Cyber Crime per year is $7.7 million. Australia 011010101 Russia 0110101 10 12 14 16 (millions of USD) In 2011, the BBC reported that cyber crime cost the UK £27 billion per year! Average Global Cost Per Sector / Year Financial 011010101010101101011101001101010101 Utilities/Energy 0110101010101011010111010011010101 Technology 0110101010101011010111 Services 011010101010101101011 Industrial 01101010101010110101 Defense 011010101010101101 Public Sector 0110101010101011 Transport 011010101010101 Comms 01101010101010 Consumer Products 0110101010101 Retail 0110101010101 Education / Research 011010101 Hospitality 01101010 2 4. 10 12 14 16 (millions of USD) In 2015 it was revealed 8/10 of the biggest UK companies had been attacked online. £800 million According to the Federation of Small Businesses, cyber crimes cost small fırms £800m annually. What Can You Do? 1. Research suggests that should people be a victim of cyber crime: 32% of them 47% of them wouldn't wouldn't know who report it. to report it to. Quick Tips... ***** Use strong passwords Secure your Secure your computer mobile devices Install the latest Secure your operating system updates wireless network Bad Passwords Don't use these passwords - they were the most common in the last few years. 123456 Log In Password Log In 12345 Log In 12345678 Log In Qwerty Log In 123456789 Log In 1234 Log In Baseball Log In Dragon Log In Football Log In Password Checkers The following tools can be used to check the strength of your password choice. The Password Meter Test Your Password Minimum Requirements Password: • Minimum 8 characters in length • Contains 3/4 of the following items: Hide: Uppercase Letters - Lowercase Letters Numbers Symbols Score: Complexity: Very Strong Additions Type Rate Count Bonus Olmecot.cane Microsoft Password Strength Checker Check your password-is it strong? 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Cyber Crime: What Is It and How To Stop It?

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This informative infographic looks at cyber crime around the world and what you can do to help prevent it from happening to you. More than just a bunch of stats about cyber crime this infographic ...


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