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Could Extreme Weather Take Down the Internet?

STORM IN THE CLOUD:- Could a Hurricane Toke Down the Iternet? Hurricanes are alreaty powerful forces of nature, but the strength of these storns nay only continue to escalate WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IFA HUGE STORM FORCE WERE TO COLLIDE WITH MAJOR CLOUD SERVERS, AN INTEGRAL PART OF OUR INTERNET CAPACITY? Heve's a loak at the cause and effect of the warst-case scenarie. - Vien corsidering ALL DF AMAZONS CLOD CENTERS s the US. SCNFICANT AMOUNT OF DATA COMIS INIO PLAY. Nerflir .P Pinterest In hree months alone. 20 MILLION sutsoiters vitwed MEDIA THROUCH NETFLIK. o ka reported tha AMAZONS 53 CLOUD STORED 762 bilion objects in 2L- Fimeet HOSIS ABOUT 3.5 MILLION DALT ACTIVE USERS. O fspsibie imaor's toudhales 1% OF THE ENTIRE MTERNET. Reddir Instogrom Reddit reahed 100,000 unigur VISITORS AT ONE TIME in january 2012. O Same MAJDR SITES WOULD BE MPACTED the AMAZON CLOUD WERE 1O GO DOW, induting Insagram has over >80 MILLION REGSTERED USERS. RACKSPACE ts been specaienet to held b 109% at the market (SECONO TO AMAZONS POTENTIAL TOK OF THE MARKET O Mare than 180,000 bsinesses STORE DATA ON RACKSPACE CLOUD SERVERS. O Tne conpany WORKS WITH 40% f he FORTUNE L00 COMPANIS. VIRGINIA, where MAJOR CLOUD CENTERS are lecated for bom Amaron and Rackspace, SI IN IHE (LEAR WHEN I COMES TO MAJOR STORMS. Seme prajections estinte the HURRICANES the hit the sune beween 2003 and 2004 esubed in the DAMAGE OR DESTRUCTION of 1,400 BUSINES SES. 12 HURRICANES GREENHOUSE WARMING can cause STORM INTENSITY TO INCREASE 2-11% directy hit the sta of Vrginie between 181 od 2009. by 21 CONCLUSION Mehtte USE OF CLOUOSIORACE GROWING ALONG MITH THE STRENGIH OF STORMS.collin thesetwo forces ould resut in same MAJOR CONSEQUENCE. Thanifuly. nany doud computing companies take seuity seiorsly. BUT SHOULD THE WORST-CASE SCENARID DCCUR, k could be EXTREMELY DETRIMENTAL FOR THE STATE OF ONLINE DATA SOURCE: hep//lshdot.oopic/coud/eould-eeme waher tike dovn the imenet/

Could Extreme Weather Take Down the Internet?

shared by Amcoffey on Aug 23
This country has experienced 3 Category 5 hurricanes since 1934, 58 T5 tornadoes since 1950, and 1,319 earthquakes with a 5.0 magnitude or higher since 1900. So consider this: What would happen if one...




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