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The Cost of Poor Web Performance

THE COST OF POOR WEB PERFORMANCE Slow load times aren't just a minor annoyance or a convenient time to check your teeth for food particles. They're a major burden to your site's traffic and conversion, driving up bounce rates and turning visitors off of your brand. Find out the true cost of poor web performance. MONETARY CONSEQUENCE$ So you've created a beautiful website, complete with animations, optimized content, and a perfect color palette Your site may be a "work of art," but does it work? A study of travel site users found that 57% of web users will abandon a site after The average page load time for the Top 2,000 retail sites 3 SECONDS 10 SECONDS 10% faster than in 2011, but still not user-ideal Web pages get more complex every year, but are always expected to be faster! IF YOUR SITE IS RUNNING SLOW, YOUR COMPANY IS LOSING MONEY - FAST. Research has found that a 1 second increase in load time could cause.. 11% fewer page views 16% decrease in customer satisfaction 7% loss in conversions HН A 1-SECOND DECREASE IN AMAZON'S PAGE LOAD TIME WOULD ANNUALLY COST $1.6B IN SALES THAT'S HOW MUCH IT COSTS TO BE IRON MAN! (ACCORDING TO MONEYSUPERMARKET.COM) SPEAKING OF BILLIONAIRES... OF THE TOP 50 RETAILERS, THE INDUSTRY AVG RESPONSE TIME IS 4.83 SECONDS IMAGINE ALL THE DOUGH THESE GUYS ARE MISSING OUT ON! CONVERSION RATES BY PAGE LOAD TIME 0.045 1-2 0.035 2-3 0.025 3-4 0-1 4-5 0.015 5-10 10-20 20-30 0.00s 40-50 30-40 SESSION AVG ( IN SECONDS) : CONVERSION RATE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES EVEN HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT SITE PERFORMANCE 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, ROMNEY'S CAMPAIGN WEBSITE RESPONDED AT 9.05 SECONDS OBAMA'S WEBSITE RESPONSE TIME WAS 14.03 SECONDS E-COMMERCE In 2012, 167M Us consumers shopped online - that's over half of the American population. (53%) BY 2016, IT'LL BE 192M Growth displayed in 2012 by all e-commerce product categories 10% E-COMMERCE GROWTH VS RETAIL CATEGORY all ADMIT ONE Event Tickets STRONG Computers STRONG Apparel STRONG Digital Content STRONG Office Supplies VERY STRONG Video Games Sports & Fitness VERY STRONG Jewelry & Watches VERY STRONG VERY STRONG ACCORDING TO FORRESTER RESEARCH, BY 2016: E-retail will account for 9% of total retail sales E-retail spending will increase 62% ONLINE CUSTOMERS RETAIL SALES (BILLIONS) $327 WILL INCREASE THEIR $304 SPENDING 62% BY $278 $252 2016 ACCORDING $226 TO FORRESTER INC $202 So chances are that if your company isn't making money online right now, it will be - and then your poor load times will become even costlier. 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Of course, web performance is measured by more than just desktops. MONETARY CONSEQUENCE$ NOW IT'S ON THE GOI Nearly 1 IN 10 e-commerce dollars are spent via mobile device And these folks aren't just playing Angry Birds... OF ALL RETAIL E-COMMERCE SALES IN Q2 2012 9% CONSISTED OF TABLETS AND CELL PHONES 1 IN 4 AMERICANS ONLY SURF THE WEB ON MOBILE DEVICES USERS EXPECT A MOBILE SITE TO LOAD IN UNDER 6070 3 SECONDS - ABOUTTHE SAME AS ON PCS/MACS OF USERS WILL LEAVE A WEBSITE IF IT DOESN'T 470 LOAD ON THEIR SMARTPHONE AFTER 5 SECONDS Time is money. Don't lose business because your website can't handle increased traffic and changing technologies. PLACE PRIORITY ON YOUR WEB PERFORMANCE AND WATCH YOUR TRAFFIC AND CONVERSIONS SOAR. SOURCES: * SMARTBEAR htp:/www.akama.comtimaboutprensireieases 2010press_061410 m via htp 2012-state of the union on-e commerce page-speed-andweesne pertonmance aspx via htpblog tagman com/20120sjust-one second-detay-in-page toad-can-cause-7.oss www.SMARTBEAR.COM @SMARTBEAR gan com/2012diju-one-second-delay-in-page-load-can-Cause 7.loss increase-45-2016 pwwwfornster.comUS+CrossChannel+Retai-Forecast2011+To+2016/tuttextE-RES78 caTNecionRESIOZ va www.memerelaer.com2012/02/27e-retal-spending-increase-45-2016 Htpwww.sideshare.netannhonomichstate of he-us-onine-retal economy q2 2012 minigsresentaons_and Whitepapers/2012/The State of he US www.sideshare.netOnDevice/te-moble any-inte met-generation web-

The Cost of Poor Web Performance

shared by smartbear-software on Feb 27
The Cost of Poor Web Performance, a SmartBear infographic also seen on Mashable, highlights the brutal consequences of less-than-awesome load times and poor mobile performance year round.


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