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Conversions By Browser

Conversions By Browser When designing your website who are you designing for? Often that question leads into age, sex, location, etc. Never have I heard that get answered with what kind of technology they might be using unless it was mobile. I created this infographic in hopes to change the answer to that question when creating a website. As you can see below – it's pretty importánt! Lead Gen Websites eCommerce Websites 5.01% 3.55% INTERNET EXPLORER INTERNET EXPLORER 2.65% 4.14% FIREFOX FIREFOX 3.95% 2.33% CHROME CHROME 4.69% 3.18% BASELINE/OVERALL BASELINE/OVERALL Breakdowns INTERNET EXPLORER BREAKDOWN 4.54% IE 6.0 The Many Flavors of IE 5.09% IE 7.0 Internet Explorer is quite fragmented and has 4+ versions floating around the web currently. Each of these renders HTML/code slightly different. 4.71% IE 8.0 To the right you can view the conversion rates based on which version the user viewde the website in. *IE 9.0 2.52*% *obscured due to limited IE 9.0 use 4.86% RESOLUTION BREAKDOWN « From Small to Large 800x600 5.34% 1024x768 4.51% Currently resolutions are spread very wide across the board. 1024x768 stands out as a leader in visits and conversions. 1400x900 which is your typical laptop screen is on its way up as the desktop starts to disappear. 1280x800 4.81% 1400x900 4.52% 1600x900 Somehow 800x600 still seems to hold its own which is surpirising due to the fact all sites in this test were formatted to 1024x768 standards. 4.73% 1920x1080 This data was collected from over 20 websites that donated their stats for this infographic. Their traffic ranged from millions of unique visitors all the way down to sites that received 10,000 hits a month. Each site has a unique niche and a unique geographic location to help ensure the data had no biases. The data was based on Analytic stats ranging from 01/01/2010 - 12/31/2010. Infographic designed and created by Robbie Hodge of E-dreamz E-dreamz, Inc. is an accomplished interactive professional services agency, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, providing a wide array of services including: application development, design, internet marketing and hosting. E-dreamz' team has the strategic, creative and technical expertise required to offer true end-to-end solutions. 704-716-3400

Conversions By Browser

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
This infographic is to help people in the industry think outside of the box and to remember those poor IE7 users. Internet Explorer is a powerhouse in conversion and overall usage still to this day.




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