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Comparison of Mobile OS - Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry

MOBILE ADEVELOPMENT EXPERTS COMPARISON OF MOBILE OS Android, iOS, Windows phone and Blackberry When it comes to choosing smart devices on the basis of OS, users are provided with a collection of choices. We are blessed with an advanced technology, but at same time, we have lots of confusion about mobile operating system to adopt. With so many alternatives already available in the market and many more on the way, it can be difficult for users to purchase one. Removing user's confusion, we are going to provide Mobile OS Information that helps users to make purchase. Overview APPLE 1OS ANDROID WINDOWS BLACKBERRY PHONE iOS is user-friendly mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. BlackBerry oS is a pro- prietary mobile OS cre- Based on the Linux Windows Phone is a kernel, Android de- series of proprietary signed primarily for smartphone OSs that ated by BlackBerry Ltd for touch-screen mobile developed by Microsoft. its BlackBerry line of devices. smartphone handheld devices. Initial Release Date Current Version June IOS: 7.0.4 Nove 29 ios June 29, 2007 November 14 14-2013 Release Date > 1.0.4 Septm 20 23 Android September 23, 2008 ANDROID: 4.4 31 October Release Date> 31, 2013 Novem Octo 08 Windous November phone 08, 2010 WINDOWS: 8 October 14 14. 2013 PHONE Windows 8 Release Date > March Octo 00 Blackberry March BLACKBERRY: 10.2 October 17-2013 17 2002 BlackBerry. 10.2 Release Date > Programmed in C, C++, Objective-C C (core), C++, Java (UI) Windows: C, C++ C++ 7,00,000+ 7,00,000+ 1,70,000 250,000+ Application Information Apps Apps Apps Apps (Mostly are free) (Mostly are free) (50%are free) (50%are free) Advantages Disadvantages Camera function, Folder setting, Spelling test Semi thread messaging Mail does not support support, Multi tasking attachment directly Continuous Internet connection, Advertising, Multi tasking, Notification, Full Google, Market Poor battery life Live Tiles, Office hub, Xbox Live, Internet Explorer, No Bluetooth Audio file transfers, Find my phone No system wide file manager Excellent Connectivity, user friendly QWERTY keyboard, excellent messaging through BM, Poor battery life, poor camera quality yahoo, Gtalk, whatsapp Official website iOS: Windows: phone Android: Blackberry: blackberry7/ Information for graphs: 300 9.0 Overall scores of Mobile Operating System 200 8.6 IOS: 8.6 8.1 Android: 8.1 100 71 Windows Phone: 9.o Blackberry: 7.1 Smartphone sales worldwide to end users by Mobile OS in 2013 79.00% Android 14.2% ios 3.30% Windows Mobile 2.7% BlackBerry 0.9% other All eyes are on Google's Android and Apple these days, but Windows and The Last THOUGHT Blackberry are also delivering their best every aspect of the mobile phone experience. Addres: 15190 Cimarron Ave Rosemount MN 55068 USA MOBILE DEVELOPMENT EXPERTS 9 Email Us: [email protected] Phone: 1 651 344 6002 Windows Phone #

Comparison of Mobile OS - Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry

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Want to know which mobile operating system leads the market? In this infographics, details of Mobile OS Information are presented with graphs that help users to decide which smart device are best for ...


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