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Cloud storage

THE DEPTHS OF CLOUD STORAGE A 3D designer's perspective Today's design-anywhere, build-anywhere environment requires speed, agility, control & visibility. THE CLOUD IS CHANGING THE WAY THAT BUSINESS IS BEING DONE 87% 87% 81% MARKET ll 87% of small businesses 81% of small businesses 87% of enterprise IT said the cloud provided them with a competitive advantage. believe the cloud has leaders find the mobile enabled them to get to cloud increases the market faster. productivity. S2500.000 70% 70% of companies U.S. Government currently using believes in the cloud so much they have set aside $2,500,000,000 cloud-based services plan to move additional tools to the cloud in to invest in the cloud the next 12 months. through 2016. THAT BEING SAID OF AMERICANS SURVEYED Actually knew what the cloud was. Think that the cloud Pretend to know what is an actual cloud. the cloud is during 29% 16% everyday conversation (mostly at work). 22% 51% 17% Believe that stormy Pretended to have knowledge of the cloud during a first date. weather can interfere with cloud computing. THE PROS OF CLOUD-HOSTED CAD Computing power is scalable O) for large jobs requiring more Designers, collaborators, employers & clients can securely access projects via the Cloud, from anywhere, at anytime. cores. Free-up space on your hard drive while ensuring you'll never lose your personal files. The cost of subscription is low. The software vendor is Unlimited storage offered for a flat monthly fee. responsible for hardware upgrades & maintenance. Direct customer support, troubleshooting & technical resources, video tutorials & a comprehensive knowledgebase can be offered via telephone, email or live chat. DESIGNERS' FEARS PUT TO REST SECURITY & SAFETY OF DESIGNS Internet firewalls & defense systems For customer security & protection, prospective personnel with potential access keep the environment protected against a variety of attacks & persistent threats. Host-based firewalls further protect each computer platform. to sensitive data are screened through background checks before being employed. 90 Files & identities are safe during storage, transit, & usage. 09 The platform is built on a reliable, protected technology infrastructure designed for cloud computing. Hardened computer platforms are purpose-built for the services delivered. ACCESSING DESIGNS BACK UP AND OWNERSHIP IN CLOUD OF DESIGNS IN CLOUD You can access it from anywhere through an Internet connection, after providing your secure login ID & password. Data stored in the service is backed up automatically to maintain reliability & availability. Secure authentication methods Download & back up work locally allow only authorized user in a secure environment. access to data & services. Once purged, your data may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time but cannot be recovered or read by You control who has access to your data, when you share it, & with whom. anyone but you. The services are designed to protect data & authentication in transit. Customers own the content they create. IP does not transfer ownership With your IT in the Cloud, files can be accessed with a 99% 99% simply because of the storage guaranteed uptime. location. THE CONS OF WORKSTATION-INSTALLED CAD User is responsible for hardware upgrades & Upfront cost of the hardware could be 30 significant. maintenance. 5.5 -10 Available computing Files are vulnerable to power is limited to what's in the fire, flood, power surge, accidental erasures, & machine. hardware crashes. GOING MOBILE Cloud-hosted CAD is confronting new input mechanisms & new display modes. because of tablets & smartphones, ensuring complete accessibility. 40% see the major advantage of the cloud is being able to work from home in the nude. 76% of mobileworkers feel the ability to work outside the office, yet remain in constant contact, has been a positive development. 3D SOLUTIONS COMPANY Brought to you by 3DVIA DS 3DVIA SOURCES 360_Security_Overview.pdf www.FLOYDWORX.COM

Cloud storage

shared by floydworx on Jul 15
Infographic about the advantages of cloud computing. Made through Infoglyphs to 3DVia.




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