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Cloud Computing: Overview of the Cloud

CLOUD COMPUTING Marco. NETWORK means there's no single point of failure, so the service is always up. THE CLOUD is a metaphor for the CLOUD SERVICES, or cloud internet that was born from diagrams depicting the internet as a cloud. These diagrams have been in use since long before the term "cloud" evolved. WHAT IS THE CLOUD? computing, can be categorized into three different levels, each differing on the services provided and the role of the cloud services provider. CLOUD COMPUTING evolved from the term "the cloud". If you ask 5 different people for the definition of cloud computing, you will likely get 5 different answers. For us, cloud computing is the overarching ability for the user to access data, applications and services remotely, using the internet. WHY USE THE CLOUD? Companies who do not embrace cloud computing risk losing to forward thinking competitors and being left behind. Everything you need is always right at your fingertips. Whether you are on your desktop at the office, your smart phone waiting in line or on your tablet on the couch, everything is accessible through the Internet. REDUCE COST BACKUP SECURITY Using the cloud saves money. It minimizes IT requirements, reduces physical storage space, eliminates in-house maintenance and saves Reduce the risk of losing files and data because of natural disaster, human error, hackers and viruses by backing up your data off-site. money on expensive hardware & licensing. COLLABORATION Instead of buying expensive equipment & programs, you buy a subscription which is scalable (only using/buying what you need). Also, your software is always up to date. Saving and accessing files on the cloud means everyone can work from the same document. Most small/meduim businesses don't have servers with the capacity to send large documents. The cloud offers endless space, increasing the potential for collaboration. REMOTE ACCESS Employees and clients can access documents, files and emails from anywhere in the world over a secure internet connection. Files and people are no longer stuck on any single device. SAVE TIME The cloud helps increase response time, reduce travel time and enhance out-of-office work time. WETFLIK HOW ARE YOU CURRENTLY USING THE CLOUD? Google maps YAHOO! MAIL webex Basecamp (F) Google Drive iTunes Dropbox salesforce facebook. 54% amazonkindle ТOP 5 USES OF THE CLOUD said they of people have never used cloud computing, but 95% A survey of 1,000 adults conducted by Wakefield Research in reality actually do. FILE SHARING Instead of shipping hard copies of documents or emailing huge attachments to your satellite offices, clients or vendors, you can share documents via the cloud. Anyone you provide access to can view the necessary files online, instead of needing to download and then re-upload large files. Cloud documents also streamline the editing and version control process. Businesses need to safely store backup copies of all important documents and files, in case of system failure, security breach or other disaster. Before the cloud, this meant periodic backups to a physical storage medium like an external hard drive or tape. Now with the cloud, you can schedule backups automatically, and retrieve your data through any internet connection. FILE BACKUP Why host your own exchange server when you can host your email in the cloud. Cloud-hosted email allows you to access your work email from anywhere, without worrying about email capacity or server uptime. You and your employees are probably already using cloud- hosted email for personal accounts, so the learning curve is small to Cloud-based business apps allow you to perform necessary business operations from anywhere in the world, from your computer or a mobile device. Customer relationship management, business accounting, analytics, logistics and planning - there are apps for every conceivable business need. Hosting your own website, especially if you have an online store, can get expensive and be time- consuming. By hosting your website and online store in the cloud, you do not have to worry about scalability and availability; the cloud provider takes care of that. non-existent. WEBSITE HOSTING & ECOMMERCE SOURCES: MARCO TECHNOLOGY BLOGS For more information about the cloud check out Marco's blogs at: Márco www.MARCONET.COM Terms of Use: You can use this infographic as long as you provide a credit link to Marco. EMAIL BUSINESS APPS

Cloud Computing: Overview of the Cloud

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Remember when "the cloud" was just one of those fluffy masses sculpting animal cut outs in the sky? The word "cloud" sure does get thrown around a lot these days in technology. Marco's Managed Clo...




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