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CAPTCHA: A Productivity Wasteland or Wasted Opportunity?

CAPTCHA: A Productivity Wasteland Or Wasted Opportunity? You know those annoying security checks that show up on websites when you're trying to buy tickets, post a comment on a blog, or register for a new account on a website? Those are called CAPTCHAS and they're meant to stop stop spam and fraud online. Tvpe the characters you see in the picture below. Type the two words Chepter he teo words FICNA s you entered didnt match the word venification Letters are not case-senatve Submit PEOPLE HATE THEM! 280 million CAPTCHAS are solved on the Web EVERY DAY. More than Each CAPTCHA takes an average of 15 seconds to solve! That means... 1,166,000 hours wasted every day, solving CAPTCHAS ! Or, another way of looking at it: 426,000,000 hours of valuable, undivided, consumer attention egaged with CAPTCHAS every year! Imagine if all that time were spent doing something more useful.. In the time spent solving CAPTCHAS over the course of one year, people could have instead built: 830 Boeing 747 airplanes (It takes nearly 500,000 labor hours to build a Boeing 747) 270 Eiffel Towers (It took approximately 1,560,000 labor hours to build the Eiffel Tower) or even the Great Pyramid! (It took approximately 350,000,000 labor hours to build the Great Pyramid) More consumer attention is paid to CAPTCHAS annually than during a week of primetime Olympic coverage or worldwide SuperBowl viewership. Nearly as much time is spent solving CAPTCHAS each year as 133.4 million movie goers spent watching the movie Titanic in the theater. TITANIC Online businesses are forcing their website visitors to waste 1.16 million hours every day deciphering illegible CAPTCHAS. At the same time, they are spending billions of dollars trying to capture consumer's attention through online display ads, television commercials and outdoor billboards. $2.61 Billion $324 Billion $31 Billion $30 Billion spent on spent on spent on Internet spent on mobile ads television ads display ads outdoor ads 88% 86% 63% 29% are ignored are ignored of people ignore all are ignored More than $30O Billion In Advertising is Wasted ! Instead of wasting money on advertising that is mostly ignored, businesses should leverage the 1.16 million hours of undivided attention their website visitors spend spend solving CAPTCHAS! Why show your customers this When you could show them this ( Shop Your City Click the CAR (Step 1 of 4) Chepter MgNO6H thinoceri Type the two words Why CAPTCHA Advertising? CAPTCHAS are a must-see medium. Website Powered By Confident Technologies visitors have to actively engage with the CAPTCHA in order to complete their purchase, or other online transaction. Extra 15% OFF Summer Clothing Sale! Select Items Every one of the 280 million CAPTCHAS solved on the web each day has a person's full and undivided attention. Use that undivided attention to promote brand messages, for guaranteed impressions! To learn more, and to get Confident CAPTCHA for your website, visit Confident For list of sources visit: 20Citations.pdf TEENNOLOGIES

CAPTCHA: A Productivity Wasteland or Wasted Opportunity?

shared by ConfidentTech on Sep 27
There are more than 280 million CAPTCHAs solved on the web every day. That’s more than 1 million hours consumers are forced to waste daily, deciphering illegible text. That’s more hours than consu...


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