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Bytes into Grams: A Visualization of Data's Size

Bytes Into Grams: A Visualization of Data's Size It is theorized that The data universe is undergoing a colossal explosion of size and depth. Big data is leaping to the forefront of business and technology. 90% of all the data in the world today has been generated in just the past few years. The social sphere is devouring data, using it as a canvas for self- expression and a versatile tool for communication. Data is practically intangible, but if you calculate the weight of the active electrons that sustain the entire Internet, it would only add up to about the weight of a single strawberry. This chart is meant to put into perspective just how mammoth the data matrix truly is. It is a vast, versatile realm that we have only just begun exploring. Data Conversion Chart in Decimal Format 1 MB (megabyte) 1,000 KB (kilobyte) 1 GB (gigabyte) 1 PB (petabyte) 1,000 MB 1,000 TB 1 TВ (terabyte) 1 ZB (zettabyte) 1,000 GB 1,000 EB 1 ЕВ (exabyte) 1,000 PB 1 YB (yottabyte) 1,000 ZB 1 megabyte (MB) = 1 gram (g) 1.4 MB Floppy Disk 7 Рeas BORGE First USB Flash Drive, Sold in 2000 1 Presidential Dollar Coin (8 MB) I PlayStation 2 (8 MB) 3 Hummingbirds PlayStation 2 Memory Card 80-Minute CD-ROM Disc 4 Wham-O Ultimate Frisbees (700 MB) 31 Pomegranates kindle fire - Amazon Kindle Fire 2nd (8 GB) Generation 1 Eight-Week-Old Golden Retriever Puppy Single-Sided DVD (4.7 GB) 40 Full-Size Men's Basketballs (25 GB) x40 Single-Layer Blu- Ray Disc 35 British Imperial State Crowns Wiju Wii U Deluxe System (32 GB) WI 11 Male Peacocks Apple iPad Air 2 (64 GB) х 11 5 Genuine Buddy 150 Scooters Xbox One (500 GB) 1 GB = 1 pound (Ib) Due to the magnitude of the following data, the conversion scale is 1 gigabyte to 1 pound. 1 lb = 453.6 g 1 kg = 2.2 lb The weight measurement of the objects provided is per single unit. 12 Adult Male Cows (2,400 lb) х12 1 Second of Global Internet Traffic (28,875 GB) 17 Model T Cars (1,200 lb.) х17 The Contents of the Library of Congress (20 TB) 9 "General Sherman" Giant Sequoia Trees Steam Content Delivered to US Users | Weekly (24 PB) STEAM" 41 International Space Stations (816,000 lb) NASA's "Lou" Mass Storage System Current Unique Data Stored (34 PB) NASA 41x 35 Great Pyramids of Giza (6.5 million tons) A Single Gram of DNA (455 EB Theoretically) 35x 24,500 Burj Khalifa Buildings (1,000,000,000 lb) World Wide Web (24.5 ZB Estimated as of 2015) US National Security Agency: Utah Data Center “Bumblehive" (1 YB Estimated) The sheer magnitude of this number would be impossible to calculate on this scale, but it is possible to imagine in relation to the other measurements. Bite into Bytes If 1 MB was equal to 1 calorie, here's how the numbers would shake out. Y Each calculation is approximate. Caloric value provided is per single unit. 1 Radish (1 calorie) (1.4 MB) Floppy Disk PlayStation 2 (8 MB) PlayStation 2 Memory Card 1 Slice of Apple (8 calories) 9 McDonald's Big Macs (550 calories) Apple iPod Classic 1st Generation (5 GB) 12 12-Slice The Cheesecake Factory Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecakes (16,440 calories) (25 GB) Single-Layer Blu-Ray Disc b) 1,488 Slices of Pan-Fried Bacon (43 calories) (64 GB) Apple iPad Air 2 Sources:| All trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress, product names and logos appearing on the infographic are the property of their respective owners. DExperiam Data Quality tt ,3.5 inch 3.5 inch ...

Bytes into Grams: A Visualization of Data's Size

shared by BebopGriffin on Nov 13
Big data is propelling to the the vanguard of research and progress in almost every field. It has the power to curb the spread of diseases, fight crime, predict business patterns, and even optimize ho...


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