A Brief History Of Computer Science

A BRIEF HISTORY OF COMPUTER SCIENCE| 2700-2300 B.E. The Sumerian Abacus first appeared 87 8.C. The Antikythera mechanismı the earliest-known analog computer, is developed in ancient Greece 703 A.D. ARRAA German mathematici an I OO Gottfried Wilhelm POIOO Liebnitz introduces the binary number ooIOI Konrad Zuse invents system Z31 the first programmable digital computer 1941 2n Charles Babbage invents the 9E6I Alan Turing invents the Turing Machine V2 = 2 +0 = 83' Analytical Engine 1843° $21 21= B 2 BỊA1..... V1) V12 Riv13 OV 12 13 Ada Lovelace O=n - 2(= 2) ......** developes the first computer 1947 wwt = 2n - 1 2+1=3 .. algorithm The transistor 2n-1 is invented at Bell Labs PDP- o POP 1, PDP-10 = A3.... DEC SUMEX TYM COC660 RD O B3 · 2n . 2n-1 . 2n-2 B3A3| A PDP-11 SCO Pouglas Engelbart invents the POP-10 PDP-I1 1963 ARVAR FNW NYU 13500 POP- computer mouse UNIVAC-1108 PDP-11 RUTGERS POP-11. DARPA cre ates PDP-11 3200 PDP- 10 UNIVAC II09 SCR C0OCB BELVOIR [360/44 U 360/40 H716 Steve Wozniak designed the DAC POP-11 ABERDEEN Apple lı aDisingle-board 36079 computer for hobbyists PLI ARPAnet, the first Marc Andresson operational computer network60d ancestor POP-IN created Mosaic, 360/40 FOP ARPA later known as 1976 PLURIBUS ONDO of the Internet POP-9 APPLE PDP-11 Netscape, the first popuları user-friendly MITRE PDP-10 PDP-11 POP - II PDP-15 PDP-11 1993 4700 XGP COMPUTER P-11 PDP-9 Web browser POP-11 EGLIN Sir Tim Burners-Lee PENTAGOE CERN 7invents the GUNTER EGLIN PDP-11 BSSCO PDP WorldWideWeblon of the NextStep WorldwideWeapplication witn drary. Bug reports to timbl@info.cen, quoting the Version information above. Check the list of kno bugs in the web 1990 Using the navigation 1971 The navigation buttons allo Hypernted web as a tree. Th the way you came, to the tex hich ou selected to get where you are. You can use e steps back to the first link you This was the original prototype for the nd-Wide Web. Many browers for other platforms now exis ead the web for details). After many years lying fallow, this app dion has now sprouted images and nested HTML elements ap nings. If you have an Internet under the Info menu will tell you all about this application. If you don't have an intemet connection - get onel Using the "Ned" button is like sing "BackUp" and then g the next refermece er the one you took. For Kenbak -l, the first cted one a list of references, then AIf you want to be able to read news, you should set the name of your local news server in the preferences. ADORESS CSEAR DISPIAY $TORE I take you to nexd of those. personal computer, is sold in the USA us" button worksa similar way to "Ned", but previous referend onship (none) The "Home" button reselects original page which you get when you started the browsethe first place. TrIBlade Main Page Connected nit BM Standard 42U Rack KENBAK-1 Microsoft Windows MS-DOS E ecutive informatiopen Pindows. AIS Addendum 1981 BUILD CALC. CALEN CARDE CGA.D Versio 1. 01 81985 THOUT THE SPO Þ print from ahiniband 4x This may be prefe þnfiguration sedecenterH ture changRoadRunner" reaches the tion of the Vythm speed of 1 petaflops Copyright © 1985 Corp. IBM introduces IBM supercomputer CGA.L CITOH CLIPE CLOCK COMM CONTROL.EXE COURA.FON COURB.FON COURC.FON Microsoft releases Disk Spachindows 1.0 Memory Free: enH its first MS-DOS Computer 303K Spooler=noI 2008 Teminar EGAMONO.GRB EGAMONO.LG0 EMM HPLA IBMO 3x Infiniband RUNNING BATCH LBAT) FILE: If you run a ndard applicatio hould create 2010 Researchers are able to BM manipulate "qubits," quantum computing information units. A 10101) 2012 Scientists cultivated brain čells on a microchip, advancing neurochip technology. World> Science Festival

A Brief History Of Computer Science

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In the past sixty years or so, computers have migrated from room-size megaboxes to desktops to laptops to our pockets. But the real history of machine-assisted human computation (“computer” origin...


World Science Festival


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