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The Brain of a Blogger

The Brain Va Blogger of a Nowadays, everyone wants to blog and share their ideas with the world, but being a rocking blogger is not as easy as it may seem. Without the right foundation, a new blog can be doomed from the get-go. Infolinks took a virtual scalpel to dissect which dilemmas plague beginning bloggers. Share my Content Blog Theme MONEY Blog Content Blog Template Graphics The Perfect URL Bring More Traffic About Page SEO Dilemmas Blog Theme What shouldI blog about? How l'm a better chef Take pictures of people at my local grocery Sh*t my than Anthony Bourdain husband store and share says Latest celebrity to either marry, divorce, marry and divorce in the same week, or land in jail What will be The Perfect URL my URL? Do a search of Do a search of Settle for clever names less clever names not-at-all-clever ALL TAKEN ALL TAKEN ! BE CAREFUL OF Mashed-up names: Pen Island or Penis Land? The really ridiculously | long URL: Strange country code endings: penisland .com SEO What's SEO? Food MONEY DOESN'T GROW ON TREES Food FOOD FOOD Food Food Code - hate this Oops, my clever title has nothing to do with my subject part! Stupid meta-tags! How often do I repeat the same word? same word? Link sharing – try to get more than just your grandma's cat blog How do I make Blog Content my content king? Cool Cool Article Article Hire a marketing oracle Copy and paste from other websites Write unique content, and hope someone will read it Come up with that great idea that the other bazillion bloggers haven't done yet Graphics What images should I use? Take nice images off web; beware copyright infringement Spend so much time taking my own photos that there's no time to write Pay for stock photography and have an expensive blogging habit Support blogging habit; become full-time photographer Blog Template How do I pick the best template? Elegant with lots of columns and a My Blog My Blog ) newspaper style |headline Personal diary style: a few coffee stains on an old notebook ought to do Something pink with lots of cupcakes to make it look extra sweeeet Share My Content How to be more social? Customize social Embed Facebook Knock knock, who's there - My RSS is everywhere. WARNING: 1 subscriber - sharing buttons – shaped like dinosaurs/condoms/ plugin of a big box of my friends' profile pics... ladies/rockets Grandma Add "Tweet This" to every sentence - please follow me, Ashton! How do I make Money Make Money - Get Money money from blogging? Banners Old school, but good In-Text BUY Advertising Integrate double- underlined links ones work atolinke gfninie Google AdSense to turn your content into cash ir keyword prob re. Don't Linked Title - Ad text here - - Call: Easy to use, and generates decent revenue Phone number Affiliates Affiliation is a great way to make income; just don't end up selling yourself or joining a Ponzi scheme! How do I Bring More Traffic generate traffic? Cat Fanciers Club Me Visit my blog 1 minute ago· I like this Me Visit my blog 45 minutes ago. I like this Me Visit my blog Pass out business cards 20 minutes ago I like this at Grandma's cat Find other like-minded fanciers club Keep plugging my blog on Facebook until people start unfriending me blogs and comment there; now I have no time to spend on my own blog Tell all my co-workers until their eyes glaze over Go> Visit my blog About Page What should /write on my "about page?“ Me Me Me Forget the fame; write nothing about myself Put up professional photo - yawn Write lots about myself; hope there are no stalkers out there Hire professional animator to create comic strip of me infolinks Provides monetization solutions to bloggers of all levels In-Text Advertising

The Brain of a Blogger

shared by Infolinks on Feb 29
Infolinks uses a virtual scalpel to dissect the brain of a beginning blogger to better understand some of the obstacles and challenges they face.



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