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Blue Is Dominating The Web

Coolness of Blue in Web Design What Sites Use Blue? Its Power in Branding Clarity, simplicity, efficiency - it's all about blue color in web design. Types of sites that use it with examples: Blue is one of the primary branding colors. What brands with blue logos do you know? VFOX V/fox SAMSUNG NEWS Ichanne hp cítibank NetShelter Sears PayPal THE Ceal FOX eHow AOL EA CBSO WebMD WEATHER DARNEL RTL TRIBUNE Ps in Ford DOLL Computer technology Social websites (intel) Feelings: progress, innovations Feelings: communication, sharing e.g. facebook, twitter e.g. Finance Airlines Feelings: solidity e.g. Feelings: trustworthy e.g. Healthcare Political parties Shades of Blue Feelings: protection Feelings: unity Do you know that there are 55 most popular shades of blue in web design? e.g. e.g. Political parties use it when it is presented in the flag of their country. Look at the to see color codes of the shades. at the headerbottom One of the "Fantastic 3" Effect of Blue Cocktails Blue forms the fantastic three of primary colors with red and green. It belongs to natural colors, and for viewers is more preferable to artificial ones. Popular blue color cocktails and their behavior in web design: Light blue + Orange or Pink= | Cheerful • useful for the user's emotional response; • allows user to focus on the website content3; • offers new approaches to the choice of colors. Blue + Green = | Natural Blue Light blue + Dark colors = | Comfort look BLUERAY Iceb What Genders Want Blue + Yellow = The gender of your clients differs, but all of them like your sites in blue color. Attractive MASSIV Blue + Light brown = Eco -friendly Blue is in the top 3 most favorite colors. Men have a stronger preference for blue than women. It may be the calming effect that makes it popular, or it could be the association of some shades of blue with authority figures, intelligence, stability. 72% 28% Dark blue + White = | Fresh, Crispy PROTOOUS ooulade Des Color Meanings by Culture Blue + Gray, Silver = | Elegant, Stylish Find out World Wide Understanding of Blue in web design: Light blue + White = | Romantic Worldwide: China: • safe color • immortality European: • soothing • something blue • bridal tradition Middle East: • protection Red + White + Blue = Patriotic color trio for many countries, including the US Western: sadness, depression, conservative Iran: mourning, color of heaven and spirituality Colombia: soap Looking over this link, you will find the full version of Coolness of Blue in Web Design Infographic: #120A8F >

Blue Is Dominating The Web

shared by Maan on Oct 12
From my personal point of view, the popularity of the color blue and its undertones hides deeply in the subliminal perception of the computer devices and information technology. First of all, what is ...




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