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The Biggest Web Outages of 2011

2011'S WORST WEB OUTAGES We count on our websites and web services to help users: • distribute media to customers • research and purchase products on store websites • perform banking activities • connect and communicate with friends What happens when things go haywire and how are end-users affected? Check out the worst outages of 2011. NETFLIX number of low-level non-response errors: 14 March 22nd number of successful loads: 2 000000o 000000O number of time-outs from partial loads: 4 Netflix home page was tested 20 times between 6:22 P.M. ET and 7:59 P.M. ET Despite some buzz to the contrary, the outage was not caused by hackers. Certain devices were unable to connect. June 19th June 20th PC's and Macs generally could, but Samsung Blu-ray players were affected. Netflix attributed the outage to "a technical issue" MAC Blu-Ray PC х down time: 3 - 4 Hours August 22nd Outage Timeline Another outage, just before the Sept. 1 pricing/plan change Up August 22nd Down 12 Hours 18 Hours 24 Hours Quora hootsuite, foursquare. Amazon Web Services go down along with all of the attached social sites. April 21st Amazon offered a 10 day credit as compensation for inconvenience. Started at 5 A.M. ET. The outage was contained on the same day for many, but lasted until April 23rd for some customers. O TARGET The launch of the Missoni for Target line was blamed for server overload Target had recently stopped using Amazon Web Services, but that was September 13th MISSONI not determined to be the issue. Problems lasted throughout the day. From 7:47 AM to 8 AM ET, was totally down х uamazon webservices 12AM SAM TAM BAM RAM 10AM Bank of America January 14th March 41% availability 1st 83.09% availability 90 - second response 00:15 15 - second response times times AND THE WORST OUTAGE OF 2011 PRIZE GOES TO. Bank of America (again) 6 days of slow service and outages Alternate homepage helped guide customers to online banking September - October 30th 5th Returned to traditional homepage at 2:30 PM ET on October 5 with Began one day after controversial announcement of $5 debit card fee uncertainties about the problems being resolved. $5.00 Bank of America blames "high traffic" and "tech issues" not hacking. SOURCES hetp://blog hetp://blog hetp://news.cnet com/8301-31001 3-20072532-261/netflix-outage-not-caused-by-hackers/agrcontentMaincontentBody in hetp:// hetp// 3-20095549-261/netflie-outage-hits-some-areas/ag-contentMain.contentBody.2n hetp:// hemi? r-3 hetp://money.cnn com/2011/10/05/technology/bank of america website * SmartBear SOFTWARE

The Biggest Web Outages of 2011

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Though we witnessed a number of minor website outages and performance declines in 2011, we're encourage to report that there were fewer significant website outages this year than in 2010. Here are som...


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