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The Biggest Data Heists In History

01010 01010101 0101010 010 010101010 SECURITY BREACH 010 01010 0101010 010101010 01010101010 01010101010 10101 10101010101010 010101010101010 p10101010101010 010101010101010 010101010101010 0101010101010101 0101010101010101 0101010101010101 THE BIGGEST DATA HEISTS IN HISTORY CARDSYSTEM SOLUTIONS cardsystems One of the top payment processors for Visa, Master Card and American Express When: June 2005 Stolen: 40 million credit card accounts How hackers did it: An SQL trojan attack VETERA DEPARTMENT OF VETERAN AFFAIRS Provides medical and federal benefits NITED to veterans and their dependents. STATES OF When: May 2006 Stolen: Information from 26.5 million veteran including social security numbers and dates of birth. How hackers did it: A laptop and hardrive containing the database was stolen from a VA analyst's home in Maryland. AMERICA ONLINE Aol. One of the early internet's biggest search engines and providers. When: August 6 2006 Stolen: 650,000 user inquires posted publicly How hackers did it: In this case, AOL actually posted the data. This incident of internal research acciden- tally going public was named as one of the "101 Dumbest Moments in Business" by Business 2.0. FIDELITY NATIONAL INFORMATION SERVICES Fis A banking and payment technology company based in Jacksonville, FL." When: July 2007 Stolen: 3.2 million customer records, including credit card information. How hackers did it: A former disgruntled database administrator sold the data to marketing firms. monster One of the biggest job search websites in the US. When: August 2007 Stolen: 1.3 million job seekers information was used in a phising scam. How the hackers did it: Hackers stole passwords from clients of the site and broke into the resume library. Heartland PAYMENT SYSTEMS" New Jersey based credit card processing company. When: March 2008 Stolen: 134 million credit cards How hackers did it: An SQL injection installed spyware onto the company's data systems. Google The biggest internet search engine. EVER. When: Mid-2009 Stolen: Company intellectual property How hackers did it: The Chinese government launched a massive attack on the search engine. Since then Google has ceased all operations in China. PLAYSTATION. Network The Playstation gaming console's online community When: April 20, 2011 Stolen: Information from 77 million user accounts, including 12 million unencrypted credit cards. How hackers did it: Viewed as the biggest gaming data breach of all time, the source of the hacking has still not been found. SUBWAY The largest sandwich shop chain in the world. When: March 19, 2013 Stolen: $40,000 in fraudulent gift cards. How hackers did it: A former Subway store owner sold software to an accomplice. Now merged with American Airlines, a major U.S. airline. U.S AIRWAYS When: August 8, 2013 Stolen: 7,700 account holders credit card information How hackers did it: Accounts were accessed through unknown means. One of the biggest retail stores in the United States. TARGET When: November/December 2013 Stolen: Debit and credit card information from over 70 million shoppers How hackers did it: Hackers were able to access customer PIN numbers online. Bitcoin and the R Collapse of Mt.Gox Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system that uses electronic currency in an open source market. Until recently Mt.Gox was the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world. However attacks on network security and a lack of reliability caused the company to file for bankruptcy on MTGO February 28, 2014. Many worry that this could mean the end of Bitcoin but there is more to take away from the episode... Weeding out immature companies ,such as Mt.Gox, may help Bitcoin to become a more legitimate marketplace. Bitcoin companies will need to work together to create systems that are not only effective but secure. An open source network will be a game changer, and like other technology needs time to mature. Sources: bitcoin/?ncid=rss8&utm_source feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Techcrunch+%28Tech -data-breaches Crunch%29 php?story_id=3871 Info, dates, data and source are correct & legit LEAP PAYMENTS AFFAIRS

The Biggest Data Heists In History

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Data breaches are something that a myriad of businesses need to worry about each and every day in order to keep the livelihood of their business afloat. There are some times, no matter how many precau...


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