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The Best Barcode Printers to Buy in 2014

THE BEST BARCODE PRINTERS TO BUY IN 2014 9 738941 404397 PRESENTED BY NTI DATA PRODUCTS INC. ADVANCED LABELING SOLUTIONS The use of computers has become a standard for leveraging technological advances to improve business and commercial processes. Tasks are simplified and automated resulting in more productive systems and operations. One such process is in labeling and identification which was practically revolutionized with the introduction of barcode printers and readers. PROVIDES BUSINESSES WITH THE BARCODE SYSTEM 10,000 times inventory control and operational efficiency 45 6 7 9 tracking more accurate reduction of human errors Using such systems are critical to industries where small errors in data could lead to life and death situations like in healthcare systems production disasters as in the case of manufacturing plants Which is the best barcode printer to use? With a commitment to provide only the best in advanced labeling solutions, NTI Data Products presents this extensive list of the best barcode manufacturers and printers to buy in 2014. Automated Packaging Systems With these imprinters, you need not have a separate barcode labeling operation as these printers can print high resolution barcodes directly on your poly bags and other specialty packaging during the bagging process. PI 4000 Thermal Transfer Imprinter This printer can easily be integrated with any PC-compatible automatic bagging systems. The printer produces high-density barcodes at high production rates with minimum downtime. Autotote Scientific Games 100% 200 dpi If you need printheads with extended abrasive life, then it would be best to use of OEM or compatible make dot density direct thermal or thermal transfer printing printheads Games Thermal for Autotote Scientific dot duty cycle Printers for your barcoding needs. Max 3000 A Extrema (200 dpi) Avery Berkel Industries requiring weighing scale label printing such as food manufacturers, retail shops, supermarkets, delis, fish and butchers shops require heavy duty thermal barcode labelling printers for both backroom or counter packing applications. Avery Berkel has always behind many enterprises and establishments in these industries, providing them with some of the fastest, high-quality barcode label printers in the industry. Avery Berkel M Series Avery Berkel XM Series Axiohm If your business needs fast, monochrome or two-color, high-speed thermal printing that requires graphics like logos, coupons, watermarks, then these printers are best used for transaction applications that require multi-part forms as well as other specialty barcode printing requirements. Axiohm A760 Printer (renamed to the CognitiveTPG A760) Axiohm A776 Printer (renamed to the CognitiveTPG A776) Axiohm B780 Printer (renamed to the CognitiveTPG B780) Brady For professional, high-performance barcode labelling for stationary, portable and even harsh-environment applications. Brady printers can help you with all your data collection, documentation, operations and management requirements. asset tracking and other labelling Brady 2461 Thermal Transfer Printer Brady 300X-Plus II Thermal Transfer Printer Brady Z4MMVP - 300 DPI printer Bradyprinter 200M-e (300 dpi) Datamax-O'Neil For more than three decades, Datamax-OʻNeil has been providing enterprises from various industries with their barcode labelling needs, from industrial solutions labelling applications and to mobile and rugged printing requirements. Some of these applications include: Thermal Desktop Barcode Printing These printers are cost-effective but are loaded with a wide range of features and options for many applications that require high reliability and print quality barcode labeling solutions even on tight and limited operation space available. E-Class Mark III - desktop thermal printer Datamax-O'Neil Workstation Series Industrial Barcode Printing If your business requires 24/7 operations and labelling needs thousands per day, the following industrial barcode printers will fit right with your requirements and needs: at M-Class Compact, industrial-strength barcode printer Performance Series Superior print quality, auto-load capabilities, other features I-Class Mark II Fastest processor and largest memory H-Class versatile rugged printers MP Compact4 & Nova ideal for on-demand printing solutions IER If your business is in the leisure, services, culture and similar fields that require ticket sales solutions for desk, self-service or mobile applications IER 400 RFID Check-in Counter Printer multi-functional, direct thermal printer designed for check-in and Air Traffic Control operations, and bag tags encoding IER 506 / 506A / 506B Thermal Boarding Pass/ Baggage Printer IER 512CThermal Baggage Tag Printer fast, highly flexible thermal document and tag dispenser for heavy-use airport or baggage operation IER 557 / 567 high speed printing in direct thermal and thermal transfer for desktop of self-service kiosks applications Intermec Intermec printers are some of the most well-known branded printers for any environment applications including fixed, mobile, RFID and other similar configurations that require high-quality barcode labelling functions. Industrial Printing Wired and wireless barcode labelling solutions for all high-demand printing needs. PX41 High-Performance Printer PM41 Mid-Range Printer PF2I Mid-Range Printer PF4İ Mid-Range Printer PA30 Specialty Printer Desktop Printing Can be used for a wide variety of business applications that require light-duty labelling. PC23d Desktop Printer PC434 / PC43t Desktop Printer Mobile Printing Great for and field applications that require continuous printing cycles without the need for recharging. mobile PB22 Rugged Mobile Label Printer PB51 Rugged Mobile Receipt Printer PR3 Durable Mobile Recei Printers RFID Printing These printers are excellent for printing RFID labels that can be integrated into any industrial, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics applications PM4i RFID Printer PF21 RFID Baggage Tag Printer PB32 Rugged Mobile Label Printer SATO Sato is another popular printer manufacturer that delivers barcode printing solutions and is known for providing printers that deliver high-performance and rugged operations in industrial, commercial, retail and mobile applications. Industrial Thermal Printers Industrial laser and thermal printers for RFID labels and barcode tags LM408E/412e- Entry Level CL4NX Series - Industrial M5900RVe - Direct Thermal M84 Pro Series - High Performance Desktop Thermal Printers Compact, cost effective, and easy-to-use thermal desktop printers ideal for label printing where space is limited CG2 Series - 2" Desktop CG4 Series - 4" Desktop CT4I Series – High Volume Desktop Mobile Thermal Printers Compact and lightweight direct thermal printers for receipt and label printing mobile applications MB21 Series MB41 Series TH2 Series Specialty Thermal Printers For unique applications that includes duplex pick/pack/ship labels, wide-web forms, retail tags and labels GY Series - Two-sided Thermal printing M10e – 10.5" Wide Web TG3 Series - Tag and Label printer Zebra Technologies Zebra provides an extensive range of high-quality and very durable barcode printers that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Top-of-the-line Zebra Technologies printing solutions include: RFID Printers Ideal for identifying, tracking, managing and optimizing assets from high-output industrial applications to mobile barcode label solution needs. R110X14 RFID Printers RZ Series RFID Printers ZD500R RFID Printers RP4T RFID Printers RPAX RFID Printers Desktop Printers These Zebra printers are ideal for applications that require low to mid-volume, high-quality direct thermal or thermal-transfer printing solutions in locations that are tight on space G-Series GC Desktop Printers G-Series GK Desktop Printers G-Series GX Desktop Printers HC100 Wristband Printer 2824 Plus Series Desktop Printers Industrial Label Printers For consistent 24/7, mission-critical, barcode labelling requirements in various applications including harsh industrial environments Xi Series Industrial Printers 105SLPlus Industrial Printers Z Series Industrial Printers ZT200 Series Industrial Printers Mobile Printers For barcode label printing on-the-go across different locations where quick and reliable printing solutions are needed even in very harsh and highly demanding environments QLn Series Mobile Printers RW Series Mobile Printers P4T Mobile Printers iMZ Series Mobile Printers EM2201I Mobile Printers Of course, there are many more manufacturers and printer products available in the market to evaluate and test. This list from NTI Data Products removes the guesswork in the selection process, providing you with some of the best barcode printers they have worked with – and are highly recommended for your business to invest in this 2014. Sources: INFOGRAPHIC PROUDLY MADE BY NTI. DATA PRODUCTS INC. ADVANCED LABELING SOLUTIONS

The Best Barcode Printers to Buy in 2014

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With a commitment to provide only the best in advanced labeling solutions, NTI Data Products presents this extensive list of the best barcode manufacturers and printers to buy in 2014


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