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Benefits of SSDs

Benefits of SSDS Increase Performance Challenge Solution Increasing the speed of the storage interface by opening up the point of congestion between the host system and storage media. SSDS have up to 100x greater throughput and nearly instantaneous access compared to traditional storage media providing quicker bootups, faster file transfers, and better overall performance. Increased performance by improving access times to applications and overall PC functionality by 35% Increase Cost-Efficiency Challenge Solution HDDS consume more energy, product more heat, and require more cooling. SSDS have no moving parts and consume less energy translating into long-term energy savings and greater productivity with higher I/O. 3-year savings SSD vs HDD failure rate savings: $213.95 Improve Durability Challenge Solution Because traditional HDDS have moving parts they are more likely to fail. SSDS suffer fewer failures and have tested over a million hours of operating time. SSDS reduce annual IT labor costs to evaluate, fix, and repair crashed or improperly working disks and recover lost data by 86% ($13 per user per year) Improve Reliability SSD Challenge Solution Overall, HDDS are less reliable because they have more potential failure points. SSDS have flash-based PCIE memory that couples directly to the server's PCle bus removing possible failures at the controller, backplane, cabling, and network level. User productivity increased by improving access times to applications & overall PC functionality by 35% ($93 per user per year) Improve Power O Challenge Solution SSDS use significantly less decreasing the overall power strain on systems. Because SSDS require very little power to operate, the heat output by the system is reduced. HDDS use more power and wattage at peak loads. Conclusion If your goal is to store massive amounts of rarely accessed data, SSDS aren't necessary. But if overall increased performance and reliability are your goals, SSDS provide a sustainable solution. E AVENTIS sys tem S Sources:,

Benefits of SSDs

shared by AventisSystems on Oct 15
SSDs have been known to increase performance, increase cost-efficiency, improve durability, improve reliability, and improve power.


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