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Basics of Creating Landing Pages That Convert

GetResponse O T QUALITY Basics of Creating Landing Pages That Convert Email campaigns often direct readers to landing pages enticing them to "convert" - sign up for a newsletter, request information, call, make a purchase, etc. The key to maximum ROl is to create separate landing pages targeting different segments of your email list. Why Separate Landing Pages? Using multiple, targeted landing pages has 6 benefits over using one landing page. Easily Generate Leads Collect Prospect Demographics Give Offers a Home You can't have everything on your main homepage! Tracking landing page Visitors who fill out visitors creates a short-list well-designed questionnaires become for sales. more than a name and email. Gain Insight Into Prospect Engagement Fuel Other Marketing Channels Learn Which Offers Are Effective Use landing pages for multiple marketing efforts, not just email. Kill many Learn who is interested in Try out different options, your company and its products/services. prices and other details. See what excites markets and and who isn't. birds with one stone! what turns them off. 1. Target List Segments Send customized emails to different segments of your list with differing: Demographics Points in the Product purchase cycle /service interest Segment-targeted email has: 39% 28% 24% higher open rates lower unsubscribe rate higher sales and revenues 2. Create Basic Landing Page Include basic elements of C.O.N.V.E.R.T. Clear Call to Action (CTA) What you want visitors to do - Shop Now. Sign Up. Try It. Contact Us. Make it visually prominent. Offer Anything you give your visitors in exchange for getting them to do what you want. But don't distract from the CTA. Narrow Focus Keep it simple. Stick to 1-2 options, if you can, e.g., Sign up by May 1 to get this amazing price! VIA: Very Important Attributes A concise list of benefits. People need good reasons to make a decision. Just don't overdo it. Effective Headline Summarize in plain language what the landing page is about. You don't need to be clever. The email already piqued their interest. Resolution-Savvy Layout Optimize for different browsers, platforms and devices. Nearly 20% of website visitors are on mobile devices; make landing sites that work for them as well. Tidy Visuals т The basics: white space, bullets, big fonts, photos and/or videos. Don't make it too busy. Less is more, and a fast-loading webpage is best. Social Proof Certifications, testimonials, press quotes... anything that shows your product or services' excellence and isn't just your opinion. Gift Card GETBEST QUALITY COMPACT SYSTO CAMEAS 3. A/B Test Segment Landing Pages FOR EACH LIST SEGMENT 1 Create two landing pages: a. Similar to the basic landing page, but tweaked for the target audience b. More daring and customized toward the target audience 2 Send emails to about 10% of segment addresses: a. Half to Option A b. Half to Option B 3 Choose winner, A or B, based on total conversions. 4 Send emails with the winning link to other 90% of addresses. GET EST QUALITY GetResponse EGO Resources: Lyris Annual Email Optimizer Report

Basics of Creating Landing Pages That Convert

shared by hypernet563 on Jun 01
How to get the landing pages those convert? Go through the important Back end procedures like making different landing pages on different themes, split test those to findout which are best converting ...


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