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Backup Window Elimination

Backup Window Elimination In data restoration, the backup window is a predetermined amount of time in which specific data must be restored to avoid any negative or damaging effects on the systems or applications that use the data. POST-PROCESS DATA DEDUPLICATION Data deduplication is a technique to reduce storage needs by eliminating redundant data in your backup environment. Only one copy of the data is retained on storage media, and redundant data is replaced with a pointer to the unique data copy. The deduping process is separate from the backup process so you can dedupe the data outside the backup window without degrading your backup performance. STORAGE DATA Written to disk OPTIMIZED B B A B B D D DISK SPACE This method does not affect the backup window and sidesteps CPU processing that might create a bottleneck between the backup server and the storage. Post-process deduplication uses more disk space during the data deduplication process because data is ingested then deduplicated. Deduplication systems use a variety of methods to eliminate redundant data by inspecting data down to bit level and determining whether they have been stored before. REAL-TIME PROTECTION Real-time backup protects data as changes occur, eliminating the potential of data loss between backup windows. This allows enterprises to eliminate the backup window with up-to-the-moment backups that enable administrators to easily restore any version of any file, for any user, at any time. THE TIME IS RIGHT FOR REAL-TIME DATA PROTECTION This shifting paradigm in backup technology will protect data as changes occur and eliminate the vulnerability of lost data between backup windows. Ultimately, this will allow enterprises to eliminate the backup window required to protect vol- umes of data with a new process for up-to-the-moment backups. And, while real-time backup increases data security throughout the enterprise, it can also be easily integrated into existing backup infrastructures so that organizations can continue to leverage their existing schedule-based backup investments. SCHEDULE-BASED BACKUP SYSTEMS FALL SHORT Data Vulnerabilty Data Loss Today's schedule-based backup practices place critical data at risk every day. The most common strategy for enterprise data protection is to perform backups on a daily basis. This creates several problems. First, data is vulnerable between backups. Any data lost between scheduled backups is unprotected and effectively lost. This is inadequate for server-based applications in which data is highly dynamic and often mission critical. Sources: 1.html INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNED BY NationalPositions Profitable Internet Marketing Disk/Hardware Costs B. Solution Need/Demand Technology Availability

Backup Window Elimination

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Backing up your data is essential but can we eliminate that window that exists between server and storage? Real-time protection provides one such solution by protecting data as changes occur.


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