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Back That Computer Up: Preventing Computer Disasters In The Age Of The Cloud

BACK THAT COMPUTER UP PREVENTING COMPUTER DISASTERS IN THE AGE OF THE CLOUD Everyone has heard a terrible story about a friend's hard dríve tragically crashing the night before an important paper is due, or of a family member losing thousands of pictures and memories to a failed hard drive. Backing up your computer is easier, and more secure, than ever before. HARD DRIVES AREN'T FOREVER THE HARD DRIVE ON YOUR COMPUTER IS AT RISK OF FAILING 0001100 Manufacturers claim a 140,000 74% 70% $15,000 1% failure rate, however recent studies done by of organizations have experienced data loss at the workplace. of small businesses in a survey reported that a single loss in data could have a per day Estimated impact a disruption in technology resources can have on a The number of Carnegie Mellon University hard drives that crash show that a 2-4% failure each week in the rate is more common, United States. 32% take several days to small to medium-sized significant and costly impact on the business. with some hard drives recover from data loss, business. as high as 13%. 16% never recover. THE CLOUD IS GROWING Currently, it is estimated that there are over 50 million servers worldwide, making cloud storage more accessible than ever. REGARDING THE CLOUD, POLLED EXECUTIVES RANKED ITS BENEFITS IN THIS ORDER: 63% DISASTER RECOVERY 51% CENTRALIZING DATA MANAGEMENT 44% SAVINGS IN COST STILL SKEPTICAL OF THE CLOUD? of the US Government uses cloud 50% computing, spending over $2 billion annually on these services. of cloud activity is from the banking industry. of companies converting to Cloud usage see improvement within 6 months of adoption. 64% 80% SECURING YOUR INFORMATION Now that the importance of computer backup is abundantly clear, look out for these signs of a corrupted hard drive: BACKING UP VIA EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE • Irregular crashes that are increasing in frequency • Error messages when performing simple tasks, such as moving files Purchase an external USB hard drive. • Scrambled or changed file / folder names • Extended wait times when opening up files / folders • Disappearing files / folders • Audible grinding noise when hard drive is retrieving information For complete assurance, it is best to have both a physical local backup, as well as a cloud backup. Plug it in to your computer. Purchase Follow the instructions in the software to software, such as NovaStor's NovaBACKUP Professional 15, which easily allows you to backup both locally and in the Cloud. Install the software on backup your hard drive externally. your computer. BACKING UP VIA THE CLOUD: I Purchase software, such as NovaStor's NovaBACKUP Professional 15. I Install the software onto your computer. I Follow the instructions to have your information safely uploaded to the Cloud within minutes. With so many opportunities to backup your computer in this day and age, you should never lose information to a faulty hard drive ever again! SOURCES: N O VA STOR

Back That Computer Up: Preventing Computer Disasters In The Age Of The Cloud

shared by travers808 on Feb 19
The long and short of it is hard drives don’t last forever and loss of that data can be costly. Fact: each week in the United States 140,000 hard drives crash. If you don’t want to be part of that...




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