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Average Salary for Web Design and Web Developer Jobs

TYPE html> AVERAGE SALARY FOR tent-"IE me ha ent="0 WEB DESIGN AND WEB /title> DEVELOPER JOBS koCaDc" <meta property-"fb:page_id" content-"6452638289" /> Salary Trends of Web Designers type" 8859-1" US salary average from entry level to experienced web designersrtists and + tovt/html. Projected employment in 2018 323,100 jobs rt. wallpaper art. bet Entry Level / $35,000 Mid Level / $47,000 Exp. Level / $71,500 Art empo Themes, Poetry. Prose, Applications 200% tent "Cop eric Individuals with web design and animation expe- rience will have the best opportunities. Employment for web designers, visual designers, and Flash design- Salary for a designer depends upon the skill level & experience in design. Formal training may be required, depending on the talent of the designer. ers grew by ap- proximately 110%, 150%- xt/c S:// 160%, and 145% href%3D"ht from January of 2005 to December $50.5K/yr. 100% of 2010 xt/c /cs January 2005-December 2010 Web Designers salary averaged $50,555 annually. 2008 xt/c Crame.cum/csS/S media <link hrp- medial <1nkoe href%3D"" xt/c GRAPHIC DESIGNERS t/held about 286,100 jobs 5% yIeS 10% 20% 15% Employment of graphic/web designers is expected to grow 7-13 percent by 2018 rel-"icon"/ K![ifJOBS USING KlinkWEB DESIGN rel="SKILLS <![enu <link href-"https:/L Web Designer: Senior Web Designer: Design a web page that is easier for users and that is attractive enough to appeal to the audience. Nevertheless, your website design services have to be creative, elegant and yet user friendly • Fixing problems encountered in the functioning of the website • Use various combination codes like HTML, CSS and XHTML to write contents on Minimum of five years experience as a graphic designer in the following areas: Interactive, creative, web design and online marketing • Ability to create superior, original designs for the Web • Strong technical knowledge of how web-based technologies apply to web design such as HTML, Flash, Css, and AJAX. • icon"/ Knowledge of Web site structure and functionality. web pages • Work on improving image presentations and other features on the website digitally. ch Web Content Manager • Create, develop and manage content for organization's web pres- ence (requires working with content management software) • Coordinate web projects across depart- ments • Maintain a consistent look and feel throughout all web properties • Copyedit and proofread all web content • Assure web-based information is icon Project Web Designer & Developer Manager, Web • Organize planning, development, and deployment web sites • Work directly with partners and E"Id clients to determine project scope and specifications • Coordinate and symbo track progress of design and devel- opment teams to implement online bed" designs • Ensure overall quality of <scri if ( .... • Develop new web applications as identified by supervisor and management • Create a company- wide Intranet, allowing data manipulation for each internal staff member • Maintain and enhance existing Web applications and all internal systems are integrated • Perform complete testing of web applications unit and system, engaging users as necessary • Conduct all user acceptances testing, and report results• Develop database-driven Web interfaces for rapid, real-time information sharing • Develop external Web portals allowing users to input and retrieve accu- igns", 34,"sub archived for future needs and reference • Track and report on all site metrics web site rate information Itdesign gener s"},"dwait total":61; AdHucSALARY CHART, b,c,d) { DWait.ready("jms/chrome/adhug.js" DWait bind (this function OCAdHug apply applv(this arquments)1, n); }} Ta.b Average Salary of Jobs with Related Titles </sc Web Production Designer $58,000 <scri Interactive Web Designer $56,000 type Web Designer ",MC Junior Web Designer ction Toad.js ady: fun anceof $58,000 $41,000 Web/Graphic Designer $66,000 Array Web Designer Developer $72,000 push(E c1)}}, .ready( D-a.le DWait.M ction() Funct Graphic Designer/Web Developer $60,000 m:a, Senior Web Designer $72,000 trip: DWai Senior Web Design Developer ngth Web Graphics Designer C){se Web UI Designer {var Web & Print Designer this $80,000 $55,000 $71,000 $63,000 Front End Web Designer $55,000 Graphic Web Designer C.m) $48,000 s.L[b]] dyLink: Web Developer Designer $62,000 function(b,d,c){var a:iwindow. bobiwes.Doagmer/salary Vent.cancelBubble truelif(!(c instanceof vent. sources: Arr]) [for(a-0 DesignReviver is Designer.aspx Tal e. cursor="wait;" active"; this.ready (b, [this, this.fixLink, [d ready.cal1(d,b,c);

Average Salary for Web Design and Web Developer Jobs

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This infographic provides information for how much web developers and web designers make based on the kind of work they do. It also lists the different types of jobs web designers and developers can pursue.


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