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Are you ready for a data breach?

ARE YOU PREPARED FOR A DATA BREACH? FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS $5.85M $201 2013 2014 Average cost of a breach in 2014 (US) Average cost of a single breached record in 2014 (US) Additionally, the average costs of breach mitigation* are up nearly 10% in the past year. Average cost of detection and escalation: Average lost business costs: Average post breach costs: *Including detection and escalation, post-breach costs, and lost business. $417K $1.6M $3.3M With roughly a 22% chance that any given organization will experience a breach of at least 10,000 records within the next 24 months, 10K X $201 $2.01M organizations cannot afford to take the risk. $2 M MINIMUM? CAN YOUR ORGANIZATION RISK DISCOVER Proactively protecting against data breaches - both major and minor - means minimizing the attack surface before an attacker gets near the network. On average, only 18% of organizations employ tools that automatically discover data desirable for exfiltration - PHI, PII, PCI, etc DETECT In order to further minimize the attack surface, organizations must also automate their processes with available technologies to ensure that breaches are detected within seconds, as opposed to within hours or days. 33% of organizations are still relying on manual technologies to detect data breaches. OOPS! With 72% of attacks coming from malicious or criminal acts (42%) and human error (30%), 42% 30% organizations can significantly minimize their attack surface through the use of technologies that automate the detection process, stopping data breaches in their tracks. RESPOND Response time and response strategy are crucial, and play a major role in determining the scope and damage of a data breach. With each passing minute that a breach goes undetected, the attack surface grows exponentially larger, costing dollars, man hours, and customer trust. 1010 P01110fo10011101010101010001010101 101010111010100111010101010100toa0l1010 1010101110101001110101010010010101010 75% of organizations would take hours - or more - to respond to a breach, with more than 39% taking days or weeks. 75% 39% Once a breach occurs, a detailed response strategy is invaluable. Organizations who are prepared for breach are able to significantly diminish their attack surface, and thus diminish the damage to their organization. X, 40 IT 29% For a 10,000 employee Only 29% of organizations involve the CISO in the initial breach response. 50% of IT staff and 75% of senior managers aren't prepared to respond to a breach. organization, 40 employees are required to manage the response. Average IT Salary = $80K, putting this cost at approximately $3.2M A strong security posture and incident response plan significantly lower the cost of a data breach, reducing the cost per lost record by $14 and $13, respectively. If an average breach is a loss of 29,087 at $201 per record, this reduces the cost of a breach by -- - -- - - - - - $785K HOW CAN I PROTECT MY ORGANIZATION AGAINST A DATA BREACH? DISCOVER Automate visibility into where sensitive data is stored, and who has access to it. Proofpoint's complimentary data profiler tool allows you to scan your organization and determine where data lies and helps you asses how to protect DETECT Implement next generation technologies that address the primary sources of breach: O Sophisticated, email-borne targeted attacks and 2 Malicious and/or oblivious users who have this information. access to sensitive data. RESPOND Ensure that your organization has solid data breach mitigation and response plans in place. Leverage technology to quarantine and contain threats, which is a primary source of breaches. This greatly simplifies and accelerates the response and notification process, resulting in reduced impact. To learn more about how you can protect your organization against a data breach, visit www.PROOFPOINT.COM proofpoint: References: 1 Ponemon Institute, 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis, 2 Osterman Research, Inc., Dealing with Data Breaches and Data Loss Prevention, BREACH CO$T

Are you ready for a data breach?

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Learn more about the financial implications of a data breach, common gaps in organizations' security posture that allow breaches in, and strategies organizations can take to minimize their attack surface.




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