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Apple University

Apple University When a leader is deeply connected to a company, he can impact it in many ways. Such is the case with Steve Jobs and Apple, and many wonder what will happen to Apple if Jobs ever has to leave the company. So what's Apple to do? The company may have found a solution in Apple University. It all started in 1976, when Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne decided to develop and sell the Apple I. Since then the company has been through a number of highs and lows. Apple with & without Steve Jobs NE XT XT 1976 1980 1985 1990 - 1995 1997 2004 2009 2011 Steve Jobs announced he had pancreatic On January 18, Apple was established on April 1. Apple's IPO generated more capital than any Shares dropped 2.7% when Jobs Apple shares fell announced his Industry sales dropped and Jobs goes since Ford Motor through a power struggle with CEO John Saulley. Jobs This generated a leaves Apple and soon afterward founded NEXT. Apple had a three-year record-low Apple purchased NEXT, That brought Steve Jobs back to 5% after Jobs stock price and crippling financial cancer on leave of absence announced his Company's 1956 IPO. August 2. on January 14. Apple and soon he became the interim CEO. leave of absence. -5% Apple stock declined 2.4% losses. хегох By January 20, the stock had high number of millionaires fallen 10.8% It began to lose its that day, and bottomed out on August 6 after falling 1979 Apple neared bankruptcy. before bottoming. -$300 appeal, giving up market share to competitors like Dell. Xerox made instantly. a deal with Apple to buy 100,000 shares at the pre-IPO price of $10/share. 7.9%. Microsoft 1985-1989 Microsoft -10.8% Apple barely rose above a few billion bought 18.2 -$200 1980-1985 Its stock steadily rose into the double digits in the late '80s, It was Apple's First Golden Age. million shares In retum, Xerox granted Apple engineers three days of of Apple stock for about $151 million. in market During the early "80s, Apple traded in the $2 to $3 range. cap before Jobs returned to Apple. access to the PARC facilities. -$100 After Jobs' return, Apple stock soared 7,273% During the time Jobs wasn't at Apple, between 1985 and 1997, Apple stock gained 133% -7.9% 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 Steve Jobs' Leave of Absence Since Jobs is seen as inseparable from his company's success, Apple's share price tends to rise and fall depending on his health. Leam more: 2004 Jobs was diagnosed with a cancer- ous tumor in his pancreas. He underwent surgery to remove it. imbalance stem problen 2009 He took a medical leave for six months and underwent a Hormone liver transplant in Memphis, Tennessee. cancer pancreatic Liver transplant 2011 Jobs took a medical leave of 2009 Jobs said that he had been suffering from a "homone imbalance" absence for an indefinite period of time to focus on his health. for several months. Steve Jobs' medical leave of absence caused shares to drop 5%, and dosed down 2.3%. Many were concemed about his future and the future of the company. Fortunately, the company may have found a way to become independent and survive his absence: * According to reports. Actual structure may vary as little is known about Apple University. Apple University How Apple University is Structured* Apple University was created in 2008 to teach Apple employees how to think like Steve Jobs and make decisions he would make. Learn more about it: Steve Jobs Joel Podolny Jobs oversees the process Formerly a Yale professor Apple University Manager Apple University has been called the solution to Apple after Steve Jobs. According to Forbes, "Jobs is ensuring that his teachings are being collected, curated, and preserved so that future generations of Apple's leaders can consult and interpret them." The goal is to teach the executive team's Tim Cook Ron Johnson thought process to future leaders. co0 and Apple CEO Apple University Teacher As of Nov. 1, 2011, Ron Johnson will become the chief executive of J. C. Penny. Senior Vice President Apple University Teacher iTunes U Other Educational Endeavors How it works: Institutions create their own iTunes U site and post content. Apple University is not the only educational initiative of Apple. There is also Apple University Consortium, iTunes U and a special store developed specially for iTunes U is a powerful distribution system for high quality content developed by public or private colleges and universities in the United States, Australia and many countries in Europe. Who uses it: Members of more than 800 universities, including Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, Yale and more. students and educational institutions. Learn more: What it offers: Over 350,000 files for download, induding course lectures. AUC Apple University Consortium O How it works: This consortium fosters O Apple technologies in universities. Apple in Education iTunes U How it works: It is a special store with discounts for students and schools. Who uses it: 37 member universities and associate members, including Australian National University, Univer- sity of Melbourne, and University of Queensland. Who uses it: Students and educational institutions in the United States. What it offers: Low cost technologies What it offers: Products and educa- innovation grants and scholarships. tional applications at a lower cost. Sources: | | | Google.comfinance | | | ONLINE COLLEGES Information provided by: V Apple's stock Immune AUC

Apple University

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Many people wonder how Apple will run and survive since Steve Jobs is no longer with us. This infographic provides a short timeline that highlights the highs and lows of Apple. It provides information...


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