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Apple, Flash, and H.264

O 2010 Enrique Serrano APPLE, FLASH AND H.264 INFOGRAPHICS In. ABOUT ADOBE & APPLE Data from 2008 Data from 2009 Adobe Systems Incorporated Apple, Inc. & Founded: 1982 Founded: 1975 Revenue: $ 3.58 billion** Revenue: $ 42.91 billion' Employees: 8,860 Employees: 34,300 $$ 35000 100 30000 80 40 25000 30- 60- 20000 15000 20- 10000 10- 20- 5000 Adobe Apple Adobe Apple Adobe Apple Revenue Employees Internet searches (relative volume) THE TIMELINE From 1975 to Now Adobe is Macromedia Adobe acquires Macromedia founded is founded 1982 1992 2005 FL Release of Flash Versions MX 2 3 4 MX 04 CS3 CS4 96 97 98 99 00 02 03 05 07 08 09 Release of iPhones V1 3G 3GS 1975 1984 1993 1997 2007 2009 Apple is founded Release of the first Mac E iPhone presented First tablet Steve Jobs computer CEO of Apple 2010 till 1st May 4 days C5 1 Feb 1 Mar 1 Apr 1 Jan 1 May 2010 2010 8th April Apple changes the Flash-to-iPhone 12th April Release of 22nd April 27th Jan Gizmodo dissects Apple presents the iPad a 4th generation Flash CS5 compiler license (banning Flash) (with iPhone app development support) iPhone THE CONFLICT ABOUT FLASH SUPPORT Adobe Systems Incorporated Apple, Inc. Adobe develops Flash Apple develops the iPhone Adobe purchased Macromedia in 2005. Since then, Adobe has continued the development of Flash as a software to include interactive content in websites. Its CS5 version included support to develop iPhone Apps. Apple first released its mobile phone with a FI tactile screen, the iPhone, in 2007. Since then, the iPhone lacked Flash support. Recently Apple changed the license of the Flash-to-iPhone compiler banning Flash. FI Adobe software has versions that run on Mac But the iPhone and iPad will never have Flash support C5 Adobe launches Flash CS5 with support to develop iPhone apps 4 days But Apple bans the Flash-to-iPhone compiler changing its license terms before the release THE PROBLEM OF VIDEO CODECS Apple says: "Almost all this video is also available in H.264" 75% of videos in the Internet are Flash Videos FLV FI VP6 Flash is also used for animations, games, Apple states that Flash is no longer necessary for video playback, as the H.264 format is "more modern" and so it works better. And is fully supported by the iPhone. apps, and RIAS. But probably its most important usage throughout Internet is as a video player embeddable in HTML, with a 75% of all Internet video to date. In Q1 of 2010 around a 65% of the new videos are being encoded in H.264. Total video in Internet (2010) New video encoded in Q1 2010 Uses Flash H.264 H.264 ●.• 000000. Does not use Flash FLV / Flash VP6 Ogg Theora But... Flash also supports H.264 H.264 is patented Since 2007, Flash supports H.264 The standard for video compression H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 Part 10 is under a software patent from MPEG-LA. H.264 The success of H.264 does not imply the end of Flash. Apple belongs to this MPEG-LA group. Patented Adobe Flash Player cannot be open source because Adobe needs to pay for propietary components bundled, including H.264. But Adobe doesn't. H.264 Free Intemet video is exempt from royalties till 2016. Other fees remain in place. HTML 5

Apple, Flash, and H.264

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This Infographic provides information for Apple, Flash websites and H.264 technology. It provides a timeline of Adobe and Apple, explains why flash sites are not compatible with Apple products, and cu...




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