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Antivirus Information

Computer Virus and Related Terminologies Rootkit Is a software that enables continued Keylogging Is the action of tracking the keys struck on a Computer Virus Is a computer program that can copy itself, infect privileged access to a computer while keyboard, typically in a covert manner so that actively hiding its presence from a computer & spread from one computer to another the person using the keyboard is unaware administrators by subverting standard when its host is taken to the target computer. Some that their actions are being monitored. operating system functionality or other applications. viruses do nothing beyond reproducing themselves. Malware Short for malicious software, is a E-маil sрам software designed to secretly access Spyware Is a type of malware that can be Junk e-mail or unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE), a computer system without the owner's is nearly identical, unsolicited, bulk messages informed consent. It may be any form of installed on computers to collect sent to numerous recipients by e-mail. hostile, intrusive, or annoying software information about users without or program code their knowledge. Its presence is typically hidden from the user and is difficult to detect ADV HERE Computer Worm Adware Is any software package which automatically plays, displays, or downloads advertisements to Is a self-replicating malware computer program, which uses a computer network to send copies of itself to other computers on the network without * मै मे Cyber Warfare any user intervention due to security shortcomings a computer usually in the form of on the target computer. a pop-up in order to generate Actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation's revenue for its author. computers or networks for the purposes of causing Adware, by itself, is harmless damage or disruption Trojan Horse Or Trojan (derived from the Trojan Horse story in Greek mythology), is software that appears o perform a desirable function for the user Phishing Is a process of acquiring sensitive information Hacker Is a stereotypical person who breaks into computers and computer networks, such as usernames, passwords and credit card prior to run or install but steals information or details by masquerading as a trustworthy harms the system. entity in an electronic communication either for profitor motivated by the challenge. Time kine History of Gomputer Viruses Elk Cloner, Jerusalem causes FRIDAY BBN appleI The Creeper virus, written for Jürgen Kraus writes a worldwide an experimental Apple II J-plus TECHNOLOGIES his diploma thesis on epidemic destroying self-replicating systems by Richard Skrenta is responsible "self-reproduction all executable files on infected machines program, by Bob Thomas at BBN Technologies for the first large-scale computer virus of programs" upon every occurrence of Friday the 13th. infects DEC PDP-10 computers. outbreak in history. 1971 1980 1987 1981 1974 1975 1983 1986 BM The term 'virus' is coined The Wabbit virus makes The UniUAC ANIMAL is written (C)Brain, SYSTEM by John Walker for the UNIVAC 1108. multiple copies of itself by Frederick Cohen while First IBM PC on a single computer describing self-replicating compatible virus also responsible until it clogs the system Though virus-like program on a for the first IBM PC compatible virus non-malicious, VAX11/750 system which is able to install itself to, or infect, other system objects. epidemic is created by 19 year old "Pervading Animal" represents the first Basit Faroog Alvi and his brother. Trojan "in the wild" MyDoom, Netsky, Witty, Sasser & Santy Worms bring havoc The Morris worm by along with Nuclear RAT, The first version of Robert Tappan Morris, Vundo& Bifrost Beast, a backdoor the CIH virus appears. infects DEC VAX and Love trojans. It was written by Trojan horse, Sun machines The I LOVEYOU also known as a RAT Chen Ing Hau of Taiwan. running BSD UNIX connected to the worm appears (Remote Administration Tool) 1998 Internet,and becomes the first worm causing upwards infects almost all Windows OS of 5.5 to 10 billion dollars in damage. to spread extensively "in the wild" 2004 2002 2000 1988 1999 2003 SOL Slammer, Blaster, 2001 1995 1990 Microsoft Happy99, Melissa Worm & Explore Zip Symantec launches Welchia, Sobig & Sober Norton AntiVirus, The first WE Worm damage Microsoft Anna Kournikova, Sadmind, are unearthed. one of the first Macro virus Systems. Sircam,Code Red, Nimda & anti-virus programs developed by a Graybird & ProRat were Klez worm attack Microsoft Systems. "Concept" attacks large company. Mark Washburn with Also Ralf Burger develops the first the new trojan horses. Microsoft Word documents. family of polymorphic virus: The Chameleon family. Storm worm compromised 1-10 million systems. United Nations website hacked Samy XSS Worm, Zlob and Bandook by Turkish Hacker Kerem125. Trojans infect Windows Family. W32.Dozor attacks USA & South Korea. 2005 2007 2009 2006 2008 2010 In response to Indian Cyber Army defacing OSX/Leap-A was Koobface targets first-ever malware users of Facebook Pakistani websites, 1000+ Indian websites for MacOS X. and Myspace. are defaced by Pakistani Hackers. Also Nyxem Worm Conficker affects 9-15 million Microsoft server systems. Also Kenzoro spreads from Peer tp Peer sites & spreaded by Mass Mailing. A bounty of $250,000 was set on Conficker's Author. Alureon, Stuxnet, VBMania trojans infects Microsoft Systems. Facts and Figures on Viruses 40 Paypal There are approximately 6,000 new computer viruses released every month. 35 The Most Attacked Brands 2.6 Million amount of malicious code threats (viruses, trojans) were present at the start of 2009 (November 2010) %age 25 Ebay Others of 20 Attacks 15 The amount of spam email was between 88-92% of email Facebook messages sent in the first half of 2010. 10 HSBC Banco World Bank Mastercard Posto of Chase USAA Italiane Warcraft Bank Countries Subjected to Attack (Year 2009) Others Vietnam Italy Brazil Saudi Arabia THE PENTAGON China WASHINOTON Pentagon spent more than $100 million in first half of 2009 responding to and repairing damage from cyberattacks and other computer network problems. Great Britain Germany India Russia USA Countries Hosting Malware. p STATES CTDER COM STATES CYBER COMA (Year 2009) France Latvia Ukraine Canada Other The Economist describes cyber warfare as "The Fifth Domain of Warfare" Great Britain Russia China Germany In 1981 Richard Skrenta created Elk Cloner virus while he was in High School, which upon its 50th use displayed a short poem "Elk Cloner: Netherlands The program with a personality." USA A virus can not appear on your computer all by itself. You have to get it by sharing infected files or diskettes, or by downloading infected files from the Internet. 70 % of virus writers work under contract for organized crime syndicates. During the 2008 South Ossetia war, Cyberwarfare was used to disable websites of numerous South Ossetian, Russian, Georgian, and Azerbaijani organisations. + Created for Sources:,,, Anti-Abuse Working group,, Kaspersky Labs ED STATES CYBER COMALA

Antivirus Information

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The most attacked brands are Paypal, eBay and Facebook but users should wonder out loud, are you safe? Download these charts for an educational read and startling reminder of why users should always r...



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