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Android Malware

THE GROWING THREAT OF SMARTPHONE HACKERS MOBILE MALWARE & WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Do you think it's safe to access sensitive data on your mobile phone? Perhaps you should think again. With malicious programs designed to target cell phones skyrocketing, it's becoming increasingly dangerous to use your phone without the necessary precautions. Here's how to prevent malware from taking over your phone ... and your life. WHAT IS MOBILE MALWARE? Malware is software with a malicious purpose. It may be designed to disable your phone, remotely control your device, or steal valuable information. Mobile malware uses the same techniques as PC malware to infect mobile devices. The Growth of Malware 3,000 2,500 2,500 2,000 1,500 853 1,000 437 229 500 119 52 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Year The Real Dangers of Malware Malware-infected devices can be Bank account used by botnet owners to launch passwords are stolen. attacks on digital targets. Private information is captured. Phone data is deleted. The phone is forced to send messages to Device is "bricked" premium numbers. and needs replacing. HOW MOBILE DEVICES ARE AFFECTED Smartphones are mini computers that are being used for many of the same functions as traditional PCs - connecting to the Internet, banking, and more. Like computers, smartphones are also vulnerable to hacking, Considering that 35% of American adults own smartphones, the devices are becoming a rich potential target for hackers and malware developers! malware, and viruses. What's Lurking on Your Phone? 1 Researchers find first 2004 case of mobile malware 1 Mobile malware increased by 250% over the year 1 First bank-phishing mobile application identified on official app market 2010 1 Researchers predict increasingly sophisticated attacks on mobile devices 1 Botnet-enabled malware hits Android devices by exploiting OS vulnerabilities in 2011 2011 2012 1 Some experts expect the amount of mobile malware to double over the year ANDROID It's the fastest-growing mobile operating system, with more than 500,000 Android phones activated daily. Malware for Android skyrocketed 400% in 6 months (June 2010-Jan. 2011). -) More than 80 Fake versions of Several spoofed applications were botnet-enabled, allowing an attacker to remotely control the infected phone. infected apps had popular games and apps were been removed from the official Android infected with Market by June 2011. malicious code. ANDROID MALWARE HAS AFFECTED UP TO 250,000 USERS Targeted In The 2010 BY ZEUS BANK BLACKBERRY These suffer predominantly INFO ATTACKS. from spyware applications. SYMBIAN & MICROSOFT WINDOWS MOBILE Devices running these operating systems have been targets of the MOST PROLIFIC AND EFFECTIVE malware known to affect mobile devices. WINDOWS MOBILE AND SYMBIAN ARE THE TWO OLDEST AND MOST RESEARCHED MOBILE PLATFORMS. iOS (iPhone & iPad) Many legit iPhone and iPad apps leak personal data to third parties. 10% of iPhone users use 0000 or 1234 as their password, making it easy to hack the device. Jailbreaking puts Jailbreaking techniques usually leave iPhone users at risk for the device with a standard root <> downloading password that may grant device infected or fake apps. admin-level access to an attacker. In 2011, A HACKER PLEADS GUILTY TO STEALING DATA FROM MORE THAN 100,000 iPad USERS. HOW THEY GET YOU SPYWARE Silently collects PHISHING information from users and sends it to A fake version of a real site eavesdroppers. gathers your log-in and other private information. EXPLOITING APP STORES Some malware will exploit mobile platform vulnerabilities to gain Copies of legit apps are control of the device. infected with malicious code and placed in official app stores. A CAUTION! THIRD-PARTY ONLINE A DANGER! APPLICATION REPOSITORIES Unofficial websites where users WORM can freely download applications. A program that replicates itself, spreading throughout a They are a general threat since there is no control on what applications are made available. network. MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE ATTACKS X TROJAN X Any mobile device The attacker becomes a A program (or app) that seems to be legit, but is really malicious. that connects to a "middle man" in a Wi-Fi network is communication stream and logs all information relayed between the communicating parties. open to this type of attack. ORIGINAL CONNECTION VICTIM SERVER A DANGER! ATTACKER CAUTION! WI-FI SNOOPING DIRECT ATTACK Can occur when you access a public network at any hot spot. Comes from files or An attacker can easily "watch" viruses sentright to your cell phone. your online activities and access your private information. SMS text messages can contain viruses. of all mobile devices will 90% be Wi-Fi enabled by 2014. Viruses can send of smartphone owners requests for Bluetooth access the Internet or connections in order 87% email on their device, including 2/3 who do so on a typical day. to spread. ALL OF THESE MOBILE DEVICES ARE IN DANGER OF CONTRACTING MALWARE. A CAUTIONI A DANGER! A CAUTION! DANGER! A DANGER! A DANGER! A CAUTION! PROTECT YOUR MOBILE DEVICE 24% of mobile users bank from a phone, yet most don't have security 53% of users say that they are unaware of security software for smartphones. measures in place. DO DON'T Make sure the OS and software are Download apps from third-party application repositories up to date at all times Download apps from reputable sites and dosely review app permission requests Leave your "Wi-Fi ad-hoc Jailbreak your phone mode" on Make sure to check the feedbadck from other users before installing the program from an app store Access banking or shopping sites overa public Wi-Fi connection Use a personal firewall Leave your mobile device unattended in public places Use a strong, complex password Tum off Bluetooth and other connections when not in use A Mobile Security Netivirus Parebtal Control Backup Install a mobile security app BullGuard メメ BullGuard SOURCES { Juniper Networks Glabal Threat Center 1 University of Virginia Frost & Sullivan 1 NC State University Pew Research Center

Android Malware

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The time has come to take Mobile Security seriously. We have seen quite a few Android spamware and malware application flooding around and even our own Android Market affected by them. The latest Andr...


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