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All About MozCon

MOzcon All YOU Need To know "Howdy MOZ fans!" It is MozCon time of year aggin and below YOU will find a comprehensive guide fro m DPFOC about the 2014 event. Rand Fishkin Moz Co-Founder MOZ not your typical marketing conference July 14, 2014 -July 16, 2014 Seattle THE MOZ STORY Founded: 2001 as SEOmoz Rebranded as Moz May 2013 Mozcon was originally "SEOmoz: PRO Training series" seo In the beginning... SEO consvlting company Today.. Marketing Analytics software for Core Beliefs search, Links, social, ana Brana TAGFEE Transparent and Authentic Generovs Fun Empathetic Exceptionai Mozcon 2014 LOCATION Ava Pine: Ave Parking: WSCC offers Parking. Rates APProx. Elektra Condominiums O Union St 165A $25 P/day Regal Meridian E PTke St Washington State Convention Center emerald city comicon flower & garden show avilion H washington State TransPort to ACT Theatre Convention center MOzcon from sea-Tac Airport: use Lightrail from Airport to (WSCC), 80O Convention PI, Taxi $50 (25-40 mins traffic seattle, washington Downtown depending) (40-60 mins) 98101 Virgini What is SPecial about MoZcon? "The community that attends and the willingness to Share and give is what SeParates MOZCon from any William RObbins, Inbound Marketer, Shopatron, Inc. Other event." MOzcon SPEAKERS 2014 Amber Naslund Annie cushing Dana DiTomaso Kick Point Partner at Kick Point Inc. Digital Marketing AnnielyticS Sideraworks Co-Founder ana President at Sideraworks SEO and Analytics Consultant JUstin Cutroni Googie Anglytics Evanelist at Googie Jeremy BIOOM Integrate Kyle Rush Co-founder at Integrate, a S/w ana media services Provider OP timizely Head of OPtimization at OPtimizely Marshall Simmmonds Define Me dia GrouP Mike King Nathalie Nahai acronym Executive Director and SEO expert SEO SPecialist and Founder The web PSYchol0gist web PSYChologist Рече Меуers Moz Paddy M00ggn Phil Nottingham Distilled Hega of Growth Markets Marketing scientist Distilled Video Strategist Rand Fishkin MOZ Moz Founder Richard Millington FeverBee sarah Bird Moz Moz CEO Community Management ExPert Will Reynolds SEER Interactive Stacey Cavanagh Cyrus Shepard Tecmark Heaa of search at Tecmark Founder at seer Interagctiye emcee MoZ Consvitant from Moz SPECIAL GUEST at Mozcon! ROGER THE MOZ MASCOT Born January 2010 Loves: Giving HugS and Dancing ROger is a representa tion of the Moz TAGFEE Code, with an emphasis on "fun" Mozcon 2014 AGENDA View full comprehensive details at httP:// seo SEO Content in marketing Community Social Media Building = ads Brand Mobile development Conversion Marketing Rate Optimization .B A Analytics COST Early Bird Tickets SOLD OUT! Best Deai Become a Moz Pro SubScriber conference access lunch breakfaSt Your ticket %3D 2 snacks ali 3 days Party access cooI Swag the Mozcon 201+ videos Price Ticket Type Moz Pro SUbscriberS $999.00 General Admission $1,499.00 Group of 5-10 Discovnt for MoZ Pro subscribers $850.00 Group of 5-10 Discovnt for General Admission $1,2 75.00 Group of 1l+ Discount for Moz Pro subscribers $800.00 Group of 1l+ Discount for General AdmisSion $1200.00 Interesting QUotes from MOZCon 2013 If You've created a g00d mobile e Xperience for vserS, Congratviations! ... YOU've Solved the big Problem of 2009. Avinash Kaushik () author of web Anaiytics 2.0 and web Analytics: An HOur a Day on Facebook, Photo VPdates get 53% more likes than text UPdates. Social Media Consvitant ) Lena west "GO09ie is Starting to determine user intent, and you can see if based on conversational search." Matthew Brown ( senior VP of SPecial Projects at MoZ "Refine the goals and nail it... do one Piece of content every three months instead of three Pieces of content every month." ( senior Consuitant and Video Strategist at Distilled Phil Nottingham "With great metricS, comes great responsibility. You should always be testing and trying new things." carrie Gouldin web Community Manager at ThinkGeek) "one of tne reašons PeOPie find it difficult 4o do link removai is that they make lots of assumptions about the task before the Y Start." Software Architect at web Based innovations ) Sha Menz "If YOU're going to do any type of virai camPaign, you want to evoke the surprise, not the same thing yoU see every dayY." kelsey Libert ( ) industry Speaker "Generosity prioritizes long-term serendipity over short term ROI... that's why great companies are overnight succe SUccesses after years of hard work." Moz Co-Founder er) Rand Fishkin How do I become a Speaker at Moz? Picked by SPecial seiection committee or Since 2012, YOU can try out for 4 Shorter com munity SPeaker Slots - Check Moz blog for UPdateS! REFERENCES httP:// httP:// httP:// httP:// jPg? V =1.C =IWSASSE†K = 2 d = B53F616F+B95E55357BESAE897BCTE9E78F34 EE A6247C5D92 318839A9C3FB865 CPfoc Driving Profitability For Our Clients The Home of Scientific Online Marketing! Terry Ave |-5 Express

All About MozCon

shared by lisa1 on Jun 13
Moz brand their marketing event “MozCon” as ‘not your typical marketing conference’ and it is certainly that. Quite often seen as the experts in search and inbound marketing - Moz host MozCon ...




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