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Accelerate Excel Skills

ACCELERATE EXCEL SKILLS YOU CAN UNDO THE LAST IUU ACTIONS EACH WORKSHEET HOLDS 1,048,576 ROWS BY 16,384 COLUMNS AAAAA AAAAA THERE ARE 1,U24 GLOBAL FONTS AVAILABLE TO USE, 512 PER WORKSHEET ZOOM RANGE IS FROM IU PERCENT TO 400 PERCENT !!!: ! O -- -- - YOU CAN SELECT 2,147,483,648 CELLS THAT ARE NOT TOUCHING YOU CAN HAVE UP TO 255 IN A FUNCTION ARGUMENTS fox YOU CAN NEST 64 LEVELS OF FUNCTIONS PER FORMULA YOU CAN HAVE UP TO 255 DATA SERIES IN ONE CHART I--- DD ---- IOO D I--- IOO O IOD YOU CAN HIGHLIGHT 32,767 CELLS PER WORKSHEET ANALYZING DATA Excel 2013 includes a Quick Analysis button that appears any time you select a range of cells. Quick Analysis offers varying types of formatting options, charts, functions and tables depending on the type of data you select. Many of these analysis methods existed in older versions, but they required additional steps to use - rather than clicking a single button to add data bars, for example, you would have to open the "Home" tab, click "Conditional Formatting," pick "Data Bars" and choose a style. FILLING IN DATA All versions of Excel offer methods to quickly fill in data that follows a simple pattern: If you type "1," "2" and "3" in three cells in a column and drag the fill handle downwards, Excel will continue counting in each subsequent cell. Excel 2013 introduced Flash Fill, which recognizes more complex patterns in data entry. For example, if you have one column of first names and another column of last names, and you begin combining the two into full names in a third column, Flash Fill automatically picks up on your activity and fills in the rest of the names with a single press of "Enter." CHARTS AND GRAPHS Excel 2007 and 2010 made creating a chart as simple as highlighting data and clicking a chart type on the Insert tab, but often the toughest step was figuring out which chart type best matched the data. As a solution, Excel 2013 added a new "Recommended Charts" button. This feature looks at the data in your spreadsheet, picks out a selection of charts that would work well and allows you to view a sample of each before inserting one into your document. Excel 2013 also consolidated the chart options for easier use, eliminating the Layout tab. EXCEL COMPATIBILITY All versions of Excel dating back to 2007 save workbooks as XLSX files. These versions can also read the XLS format from Excel 2003 and earlier, as well as alternatives such as ODS and CSV, but some features and formatting options won't work with these files until you convert them into XLSX files. CHICAGO COMPUTER CLASSES by Chi Brander Inc. x EXCEL learn EXCEL Introduction & Intermediate Microsoft Excel classes are best suited for users who would like to improve their set of skills in general & streamline everyday work tasks. Our intermediate class also covers more advanced functions like VLOOKUP, Logical Tests, IF, AND, OR, MATCH etc. These are not group classes; these are highly targeted one-on-one sessions for you or your company staff. Our hands-on training has proven itself very effective in increasing work efficiency. For those who would like to learn a very specific set of functions or features in Excel we recommend considering our tutoring services. Our instructors may arrive at your location and perform the training in Chicago, North and West Suburbs or the session may be held in one of our locations. There is no additional charge for on-site (your location) training.

Accelerate Excel Skills

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Introduction & Intermediate Microsoft Excel classes are best suited for users who would like to improve their set of skills in general & streamline everyday work tasks. For those who would like to lea...




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