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7 Ways website personalization can help you generate more business

Ways Website Can Help More 7 Personalisation You Generate Business Language Show localised Displaying your website content in the language your visitor understands will languages to each visitor help you reach a larger market. This means more people can find out what your company does and ultimately choose to buy 54 your products or services. 2 Location Show localised Showing pricing in a visitors local currency will help them quickly understand how much your product or service will cost them. pricing to each visitor € $4 Even if you don't bill in thatcurrency, it can be useful for them to know. This will help their decision process and lead to more sales. Referring Channels Show welcome When a visitor comes to your site from messages for different referral channels another site showing customised content just for them will mean your site is more relevant. And being more relevant will lead to increased customer happiness and hopefully in g+ more sales. in in 8+ 4. Size With so many different device sizes on the Show different sized versions of market it can be hard to appeal to everyone. However using a desktop sized website on a mobile device can your website be extremely difficult. Showing different sized versions with optimised layouts will make your site easier to navigate and use. Number of visits Show welcome messages for different referral channels If a person visits your website a number of times, it's likely that they will be in different stages of the buying/understanding process. WELCOME! By showing different messages to these people you can give them a message that is relevant to their understanding at that time helping you convert more visitors into leads. Visited 6 times Show. 5-10 times version Visited 24 times Show: 20+ times version Visited 12 times Show: 10-20 times version Visited 1 time Show: 1-5 times version Web Browser Did you know all browsers behave differently? What shows well in one may not show well in another. Display different content based on the browser To get around this you could display different versions to people using This makes sure everyone gets the best experience possible when visiting your website. different browsers. Adverts Want to make the most of Display adverts based Annoncer cet your available ad space? espace ici. peknAMupoBATb 3TO пространство здесь. on location Werbung für diesen Raum hier. or language Anunciar este espacio aqui. If you have a website that is visited by people around we world, showing adverts to people in some locations and not others will mean the customer gets a better experience as they only see adverts relevant to them and you can increase the amount of ad space you have available to sell. Advertise this space here. BONUS SECTION 6 Reasons To Personalise Your Website 1 Increase Time On Site Increase Conversions Increase Sales 4. Improve Customer Satisfaction 5 Reduce Support Queries Make Your Site More Relevant Srvd %24

7 Ways website personalization can help you generate more business

shared by Wyzowl on Jan 30
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Static websites are a thing of the past. These days people expect websites to be tailored to their wants and needs. Srvd has an amazing technology that lets you show different content to each visitor ...




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