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7 Ways to Identify Affiliate Program Scams

Ways To Identify Affiliate Program SCAMS %24 People can earn money by promoting products or services of an Internet business online. They act as affiliates and in turn, they get commission according to their contribution to sales. It's a good income opportunity, but even programs like this can be deceptive. There are businesses that don't pay their affiliates, this is a simple how they can be identified. checklist o. No support contact information on 1. affiliate program's website You should definitely e-mail the affiliate company to ask some general queries. In many affiliate program- scams, how ever, you cannot contact the 'merch ant' of the product. The program charges you for becoming an affiliate THE BANK 2. 0374 JOHN SMITH 03/14 0370 JOHN SMITH 0370 JOHN SHITH 03/0 Genuine affiliate programs generally do not ch arge for affiliation. Merch ants really want as much affiliates as possible, and charging isn't going to achieve that. 3. No Track Record The best time to check the legitimacy of an affiliate program is after a period of six months from establishment. The genuine on e with quality products will still exist whereas the fake one will collapse within this time. 4. A Google for negative testimonials about your affiliate program See what other people have to say about it, but do not trust too much because some of them might have been provided by the affiliate program itself. Online forums are a great place to find testimonials or you can always use a search en gine to find some feedback about it. FEEDBACK 5. No proper affiliate tracking system These tracking systems are provided by the company to its affiliates so they can check their earned commissions. If the merch ant doesn't provide you with its own affiliate tracking program, then you sh ould not con sider promoting its produd. 6. Watch out for "too good to be true"claims 大 D Don't be fooled. We all kn ow the saying, "if its too good to be true, it probably is." 24 This is especially true with payment of commission s. If the company promises money too much too quickly, it might be a scam. 7. Hack-prone tracking system Going back to their tracking system, stay su spicious about links getting hacked. It is very much possible. Your fellow affiliates might change the affiliate id in the link and thereby transfer all your earned commission to their account. Use an appropriate software to hide your affiliate ID to avoid su ch fraud. Brought to you by: Smart be cam bodHOST JOHN SHITH

7 Ways to Identify Affiliate Program Scams

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