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50 Years of visionary Sci Fi Computer Interface Design

50. YEARS OF VISIONARY SCI-FI COMPUTER INTERFACES LOST VISION: Robots. Anthropomorphic. Flashing lights verbal commands. IN Space PREDICTED: Anthropomorphic robot helpers, but didnt make the leap to envisioning computer interfaces as such. 1965-1968 2001: HAL 9000 a space odyssey 1968 VISION: Human like, conversation. Multiple, colour screens with central mainframe. PREDICTED: Voice command interface, Artificial Intelligence STAR TREK 1966– 1969 VISION: Mobile communicators. Tricorders PREDICTED: Mobile phones, mobile computing SPACE 199 1975-1978 VISION: One converged comms device to do everything PREDICTED: Mobile device convergence STAR WARS 1977 VISION: Holograms, coloured flashing lights, bespoke displays. Droids. PREDICTED: Targeting computers, personality in computers, 3d interfaces BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY 1979-1981 VISION: Powerful computing in small, portable form factor. Computers imbued with Personalities. PREDICTED: Portable computing A LIE N INTERFACE 2 0z 1979 VISION: Low res colour screens and basic command line interface computers in contrast with advanced android Artificial Intelligence. REQUEST EVAL TO TERMINATE UNABLE TO CON PREDICTED: AVAILABLE DAT Robots become more human like. Computers at the centre of operations. SCA ...** 234 TERMINATOR 1984 VISION: Simple, choice based command line style. PREDICTED: Drone warfare AL: EL 956 EY-DAVIDSON 1982 VISION: User enters the system, becomes one with program. PREDICTED: Human computer convergence BIADE AUNNER 1983 VISION: Very large outdoor displays, specialist devices with specialist interfaces, small device screens PREDICTED: Video Phone, large screens, omnipresent advertising 1000 WARGAMES 26 LETINGS PRROFESSOR FALKEN HELLO 1983 A STRANGE GAME THE ONLY WINNING MOUE IS NOT TO PLRY, VISION: Simple command line style, mainframe, tape drives and modems. PREDICTED. Cyber warfare ROBOCAP 1987 VISION: Small rudimentary screens, command line, cyborg wetware PREDICTED: Military robotics, implants, exoskeletons STAR TREA THE NEXT GENERATION 137 1987-1994 SSIS I IS 259584 50893.1 VISION: Large, bright, colourful, touchscreen. Data pads, mobile. PREDICTED: iPad, the rise of touchscreen interface QUANTUM LEAP 1989-1993 VISION: Holograms, remote processing and time travel. PREDICTED: Mobile Computing, Converged Devices RED DWARF 1988 VISION: Conversational, Anthropomorphic, personalities PREDICTED: Personality of AI. A VEHICLE TOUR POWER TIME JURASSIC PARK ra t06 vehicle status headlights on y=78 -65 1993 VISION: Contemporary interface with expansive control over many systems mph EXP 4 Vehice bpe UNARMED EXP 5 Fond er OEXP 6 PP09 EXP 7 LEVEL HOLD в PREDICTED: Centralised control systems GLITCHES MAPS | SYDTEM ELMERO. GG FAILED Quadrant: qp 81 Gallimimus Paddock CLEAR Quadrant: qp 82 Reserve Paddock HH JOHNNY MNEMONIC 1993 VISION: Immersive VR PREDICTED: Implants, negative effects of information overload UNNU MNS MINORITY REPORT 2003 VISION: Gesture based, Immersive VR. PREDICTED: Drones, remote sensors, gesture command. personalised advertising. 130THO) Ssi-es eme vara tnx SE MATRIX D00 ra.2e aJH 58: se 2003 VISION: Wetware based immersive reality. PREDICTED: 33130 RA :3don Direct nerve stimulation to bypass senses. multi screen workstation ....*. THE ISLAND can.tag LINCOLN SIX ECHO can. BALD ETno TEOS/O6/90 OL # CA-e64emOSS Ss One-00-06 i LON ANDELES ACTUE 2005 TAG CANOIDATE TAG MATCH EIGHT VISION: TRG CR TAG SWEEP MATCH 97% | TION ATO Ubiquitous monitoring, facial recognition file match 21/s PREDICTED: Passive identity scanning, ubiquitous CCTV and population monitoring net AVATAR 2009 VISION: Wraparound 3d, hologram PREDICTED: IRON MAN 2 2010 VISION: 3d Hologram workstations, mobile, voice command PREDÍCTED: Intuitive conversational control with Al, gesture based 3d workstations, versatile HUD overlays PROM ETHE US 2009 VISION: of Interfaces: Immersive alienesque hologram, controlled by sound PREDICTED: Blended rather than immersive 3d reality overlay VOFFLINE O BLIVLO N 2013 64 VISION: Large touchscreen PREDICTED: 3 Very large touchscreen furniture, specialised workstations made by glow new media |

50 Years of visionary Sci Fi Computer Interface Design

shared by Eavesy on Jun 25
This amazing infographic brings together 50 years of SciFi in movies and shows us how our imagination leads us into the future of computer interface design. Enjoy!


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